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The Importance Of Visuals To Your SEO Strategy

The written word is crucial to SEO, that goes without saying. But it is no longer the only approach, however, and good writing should be combined with other forms of quality content for an effective digital marketing strategy. Infographics have emerged as a popular component of numerous content marketing and SEO strategies and here some reasons why you should incorporate them into your campaigns:

Short Attention Spans

Short Attention Spans

One impact of the digital age has been the reduction in the average person’s attention span. This means that one of the biggest challenges content specialists face is the ability to hold someone’s attention for longer than a few seconds. As well as being important for the obvious reason of creating interest in your business, it is also a crucial component of SEO. Any website found to have a high bounce rate – the percentage of users who click on a site, but leave before exploring other pages – can be penalised.

Graphics are eye-catching

Eye Catching

It is already an accepted practice to ensure that content is easy on the eye. Nobody wants to read a solid block of writing. Sub-headings, images, tables and graphs are often used to break up the text, especially in longer articles. Infographics provide an alternative user experience, allowing them to observe, rather than immerse themselves within a message. Not only that, but if done well then the message is usually put across much more efficiently than in a block of text, maximising its effectiveness.

Think of infographics as the fancy dress to your content campaign, an instant attention-grabber. Infographics appeal to the way in which internet users scan and browse for information. The truth is that most people spend their web-surfing time looking at images and videos, rather than reading large blocks of text. It is crucially important to get their attention.

The share factor

Sharing Visuals

Anyone with a Facebook account will be aware of the ‘shareability’ of infographics, with Facebook and other social networks placing great emphasis on images being shared. They make up an almost constant stream on multiple social networking platforms. They can be fun, serious, political and informative, and the intelligence of the design can also make them hugely attractive.

Not only do good infographics inform your target audience about your services, products or campaigns, but also they help to depict professionalism. Any company producing high quality infographics is almost immediately deemed to be highly professional. It is a lot more difficult to achieve this with mere text. If you are able to combine effective infographics with quality content, then you will truly be able to get your message across successfully, attracting increased levels of traffic and improved conversion rates.

There is still a debate over how much impact Facebook shares have on Google rankings. Some, prescribe to the idea that link building is far more important. One 2012 analytics study did, however, find that the quantity of Facebook shares was the most influential ranking factor, in both the US and the UK. Regardless of contrasting opinions, however, it certainly won’t do any harm and there is no doubt that Facebook and other social platforms – including Google’s own Google+ – can be a huge source of traffic.

Further reading: HOW TO: Create and Promote Infographics #MyBlogGuest

Brand development

Infographics can also be a key component of brand development. Consistency in the style and content of your text is key, but if used correctly infographics can become more readily recognisable. This can help to spread your brand image fast and quickly develop a strong level of trust in your business. As mentioned previously, the ‘shareability’ level of infographics is high and so with the right approach, you can make your brand and business known in no time at all.

rossBy Ross Hinton

This article on the importance of visuals has been produced by Ross Hinton. Currently running Costume Crowd, a project which involves a serious amount of costume fun.


Win Prizes From SEOmoz, Conversion Conference & More – The Advanced SEO Blogging Contest

Want to win amazing prizes like a 1 Year Memberships to SEOmoz or a full Conversion Conference pass?

To Win, Share The Most Creative SEO Tactic You Can Think Of!

How To Enter The Contest

Email with your new tactic/idea (ideally with accompanying case study). Use the subject line CONTEST ENTRY (all caps please – makes it easy for me to pick through email and find entries).

Include links to all photos, videos, audio etc. and say where the content is meant to go in your post. Ex.: “Insert Youtube video: link—– here.”

To Win The Contest

You need to have your entry be a finalist (judged on non-bounced visitors), and then have the judges pick your entry to win.

Contest Prizes

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Finalist prizes:

1. Every finalist entry (includes grand prize, second and third) will be printed in The Advanced SEO Book’s second edition and included in the ebook version as well.
2. Every finalist (includes grand prize winners, second and third) will get mailed a copy of The Advanced SEO Book (second edition) and emailed an ebook copy (first and second editions).

Entrance prizes:

30% Discount at Website Monitoring
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How We’ll Determine The Contest Winners

1. Your entries are judged on two factors: the unique visitors your post attracts AND judges’ subjective opinions.

2. The top 10 entries (by unique, non-bounced visitors) will be the finalists. I (Gab Goldenberg, the contest organizer) will have veto power over posts judged to have manipulated their way into the top 10, so don’t bother with tricks or spam.

Unique non-bounced visitors are based upon Google Analytics numbers. The formula is Unique Visitors x (100% – Bounce Rate).

3. The judges and myself will review the top 10 entries and pick the winners.

Contest Rules

1. There are no minimum word counts. Cover all the details necessary for others to be able to implement your tactic, and leave it at that.

2. You’re encouraged to include pictures, but they must be royalty-free and you must have the legal right to use them.

In fact, your entire entry can be just an image (ex.: infographic, flow chart etc).

3. You can’t enter someone else’s work as your own.

4. You can’t enter previously published work.

5. Embedding content is fine, so long as it’s legal.

6. If you do a video or audio entry, please provide either a summary or transscription for ease of reference/usability. This is to your benefit as it will strongly increase your chances of winning since more people will enjoy and share your content.

7. The contest will publish entries from Monday, MixRank competitive ad tool logoober 8th, 2012 to Wednesday, November 7th, 2012, but submissions can be made from today (Sept 10). The traffic will be counted based on the whole period. For entries submitted in the last 7 days of the contest, the traffic will be calculated from the day the entry is published + 6 days (i.e. a 7 day period). Thus the traffic counting period will end at the latest November 13th (November 7th + 6 days).

Following this period, judges will pick the winners from the top-traffic getting posts.

I’ll go on to share some tips on winning the contest below, but first some thanks to our sponsors:


Conversion Conference - It's all about the conversion
Conversion Conference teaches attendees the latest techniques in A/B and multivariate testing, website data analysis, landing page design and layout, usability and optimization for mobile, tablets and paid search campaigns.

It’s lead by the author of the book, Landing Page Optimization, Tim Ash. Speaking personally, I’ve learnt a lot from Tim and can say definitely that this is a high-value show.

SEOmoz created Linkscape and Open Site Explorer, the SEO world’s first non-Yahoo powered link index and research tools.

They offer much more of course, including their advice via pro members’ Q&A, SEO app, social media monitoring, keyword difficulty/trifecta tool, FollowerWonk, rank tracking and still more beyond that!

Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO is a new SEO toolset that automates something many of us do manually – link analysis and classification (guest post, blog comment etc), besides for other link tools.

Their data is sourced from SEOmoz, Majestic, AHrefs and more – so it’s extremely high quality.

Feng-GUI offer designers, advertisers and creatives, a tool that uses a scientific algorithm to predict what people will most look at. This helps you find out if you have visual clutter or visual clarity, as well as what the dominant graphic elements are.

They report results in heatmap and gaze-plot format, which helps with visual hierarchy and conversion rate optimization. I personally have an account and find it quite useful. See the #1 tip for homepage design, for an example of the reports. logo Website-Monitoring by SiteImpulse constantly checks websites’ availability and validates their functions.

Each outage is reported instantly with email and SMS alerts and recorded in database for future analysis.

MixRank competitive ad tool logo MixRank offers a competitive intelligence tool for online display ads, so online marketers can find the most relevant traffic sources in their industry. SEOs can monitor what publishers your competitors are paying for clicks on and snap up that traffic for free by contacting the webmaster directly for link building.

Don’t forget that you can also plug these sites into free keyword tools to uncover new keyword ideas (based on those sites’ content) that will generate additional, relevant traffic.

Tips To Win The Contest

Content Suggestions:

+ Surprise people!

Challenge a common assumption or the “accepted” way of doing things. Can you even do the complete opposite?

+ Integrate more than one discipline.

Ex.: How can you use email to make search visitors convert higher? This post on integrating Facebook demographics into keyword research was extremely popular, partly for this reason and partly because it surprised people by showing that Facebook data could be useful for SEO.

+ Make it easy to implement.

Sharing a tactic as opposed to just an idea? The above Facebook + keyword research tactic was creative – but inaccessible for many. If your tactic requires custom-code, can you offer a standard script people can just download or copy? If it requires some particular server-side doodling, can you shoot a video showing how it’s done, step-by-step? Have you provided simple step-by-step instructions?

+ Appeal to different learning styles with audio / visual.

Some people learn best by reading, while others learn by watching or listening. If you can speak to more learning styles, then you can get more visitors.

+ Write 10 titles, then pick the best.

Have some friends rate them and give you feedback on which to use. Avoid “clever” titles since you’re probably the only one who’ll get it – speaking from my own experience as one who’s made this mistake several times.

Promotion Suggestions: Don’t just publish, promote!

+ Ask friends on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to read the entry and share the post and/or vote it up at or other relevant sites. Don’t make them feel obligated – acknowledge that they have their integrity and say that they should only promote it if they like it.

+ Write a blog post sharing the link to your entry and encourage your readers to go read it, and share it themselves.

+ Got an email list? Offer a teaser with a link to read the full thing.

+ Consider some ads:

Stumbleupon Ads start at 10 cents, and getting stumbleUpon thumbs up from paid visits will generate additional free visits. Similarly, Twitter ads start around 50 cents a click but can get retweets especially from influential Tweeters.

Terms & Conditions

1. All entrants give Gabriel Goldenberg the right to publish their entry in part or in its entirety online, in book and ebook format. This includes images and any screen captures of video. The right is transferrable.

2. The contest is open to people age 18+.

3. I reserve the right not to publish any entry for any reason whatsoever, or to delete any entry for any reason whatsoever. This is unlikely to happen if you use your judgment and follow the rules and guidelines.

4. The entry must not have been previously published elsewhere online or offline.

5. I reserve the right to change the rules as necessary, at my sole discretion. (I can’t predict if the prizes will incent misbehaviour, so I have to include this to allow me to remedy the situation if there’s a problem).

The above rules, terms etc were heavily inspired by JobMob’s guidelines. Thanks Jacob!

Announcing The Advanced SEO Contest & Its First Prize Sponsors

I’m organizing a contest for SEOs to share their most creative and powerful tactics, which I first announced to my advanced SEO newsletter / the people who get a free chapter from my book. Entrants can win a variety of prizes, discussed below, and the best entries will be included in the next edition of The Advanced SEO Book.

In my last email, I said that I was looking for feedback on how to run a contest seeking new SEO tactics and case studies. Many of you generously chimed in with prize and voting suggestions, in particular that you would prefer for the prizes to be memberships to tool sites and the like.

Well, you asked and I’m delivering. (more…)

No More Clients: SEO ROI Is Going To Be The Platform For Advanced Tactics & Case Studies

I’m going to transition out of client work over the next 12 months, and am transforming SEO ROI into a platform for the most creative and clever advanced SEOs to share their new tactics & case studies, and in exchange give them (and their clients) links and leads (both free). (more…)

Why I Ignore 99% of Guest Post Solicitations

Why I ignore them? They’re plain crap, as defined by my friend Ann Smarty’s infographic: (more…)

“Is Your Site Defensible?”- The 10 Point Quiz Updated For 2012

Andy Hagans used to run, and I’ve reposted his popular quiz as to whether your site was defensible and updated it for 2012.

My updates and comments are in square brackets [ ].
Jerusalem old city walls


My Blog Guest Growth Has Exploded in 3 Years

You know you’ve got a good product when it grows so massively in just 3 years. My friend Ann Smarty has done a massive job developing the site, and big congrats to her on the success, explained in the following infographic: (more…)

Online Marketing Copy: Answer Questions Before They’re Asked (PICs)

In my Friday Pics posts, I share examples of online marketing done well or poorly. This post is dedicated to pre-empting questions with your benefits copy.

Answer questions before they’re asked: (more…)

Why Does This SEO-Promoting Email Spam Beat Gmail’s Filters?

I spend an inordinate amount of time deleting spam emails from my Gmail inbox.

Update: Someone said I shouldn’t try to get these guys penalized. Here’s my response:
They’re wasting my time daily and I should stand back quietly? It’s called protecting what’s yours. You don’t think house alarms are bad, even though they might embarass thieves or get them caught, do you? I’m protecting my time from thieves.

If my email is public and scraped, Gmail should still block the spam people send me. Since they’ve been horrible at stopping this for at least a year, and probably more like three years, I’m going to start posting these emails here and hopefully Google will improve its spam filters as a result. As I get more spam emails, I’m going to keep posting them here. And maybe these people will see their own emails scraped and rendered useless by their fellow spammers… (more…)

BookCrossing – Marketing Insights From A Unique Online/Offline Community is a unique book giving community where people label their books, give them to other members to read and then those members pass them on further to others. In 11 years it’s grown to over 1M members, with 9M books in circulation.


How BookCrossing Works
How BookCrossing Works: Label your books, share them with others, and follow its travel worldwide!

Heather Mehra PedersenIn this unique interview, Co-Founder & Director of Finance Heather Mehra-Pedersen shares what has helped grow their community, motivate their members and ultimately build the business. (more…)

Arnie Kuenn on CRO With Video, & Conversion Conference

Arnie Kuenn
Arnie Kuenn, Conversion Conference Speaker

Click here for a $100 discount
on Conversion Conference. You’ll see the discount code listed in the upper right after the click.

Arnie Kuenn is President of Vertical Measures, who offer services in link building, content creation and notably their content marketing guide. We met at Pubcon, and he’ll be speaking at Conversion Conference on video. He was kind enough to give us this sweeeeet interview :). (I previously interviewed another Conversion Con speaker, Keith Hagen

Can you give me a little background about you?

You bet. Well first I am the founder and president of Vertical Measures, a search, social & content marketing company. Our focus is helping our clients get more traffic, more leads, and more business from their websites. I am an entrepreneur who had had two previous businesses in the world of new technologies and marketing. I am also a frequent speaker and author of Accelerate! Moving Your Business Forward Through the Convergence of Search, Social & Content Marketing (available on Amazon).

What knowledge level are you addressing in your preso at ConvConf?

This particular session is on video marketing and using video to increase conversions. Therefore I would say the people attending this session will be a little more marketing oriented as opposed to technically oriented.


Achiya – SEO For A Charity For Learning-Disabled Children

Charities have a unique SEO problem: there’s not a lot of people searching to give to them, which makes keyword discovery difficult. I saw that with Mada Center, a soup kitchen in Montreal that I tried to do PPC for but we failed for lack of keywords, and recently have come across a similar challenge for Achiya, an Israeli charity for learning disabled kids whom I work with via illuminea, a web agency in Jerusalem. (more…)

Awesome SEO, CRO and Aff Guest Posts Of 2011 – And 2012?

2011 was a beautiful year for guest posts on SEO ROI as more and more of the web’s top SEOs shared advanced ideas and original material, right here on this blog. I don’t publish rehash, and it shows in the unique tactics, case studies and tools reviewed.

If you want to guest post, read the guest posting guidelines then contact me. Benefits include links, the attention of 2600+ RSS subs, 1600+ emails subs and social love…

Guest Article Case Studies & Research (more…)

Need A Free Ebook Directory? Here’s the Ebook Directory list…

Need A Free Ebook Directory? Here’s the Ebook Directory list….

Hat tip to Eric Ward for telling me about ebook publishing as a link building technique. It obviously helps more if those ebooks are free. Check out Eric’s link opportunity alert newsletter for more…

Long Copy Vs Short Copy: How To Choose When To Use Each One!

There’s an eternal debate amongst copywriters whether long copy or short copy is better, and the truth is that there’s no absolutely correct answer – the length of your copy depends on how much persuading your prospects need. Here’s the simple guide as to what factors influence how much copy you need.

How to Use ScrapeBox to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

This guest post is by Andrew Breen of Outshine Online Marketing who offers SEO, PPC management, and CRO services. We met at SMX West a few years ago and he recently got back in touch to see about guest posting… I suspect this technique is how he found out about me taking guest posts ;)!

ScrapeBox kicks butt for link building. It has dramatically sped up my link building process more than any other tool I’ve used. This post will show you exactly how I use ScrapeBox to find dozens of high quality guest blogging opportunities – in minutes instead of hours.

What the heck is ScrapeBox?

Scrapebox logo (more…)

How To Create Professional Video Blogs For Your Website

This guest post is by Andy Havard, a Marketing Executive at Skeleton Productions, a UK based Internet video production company that also does corporate vids.

You’ve no doubt seen the slick, professional video blogs Google and its representatives have churned out lately. Videos shot with pristine white backgrounds, inviting speakers and a whole lot of views. They’re impressive video blogs right? Well the following article explores how you can make the same professional looking corporate video blogs from the comfort of your own home. (more…)

Where Have Gab N The Blog Posts Been?

1) I got engaged.
2) Preparing the book ordering site. I’ve done two rounds of usability tests and set up a split test on the book chapter download to see if I can increase performance there.
2.1 ) Shipping pre-orders.
3) Creating a new free WP plugin based on one of the book’s tactics. It’ll help with content marketing. You can comment if you want to beta test, but I expect feedback. Expect this to seriously rock. If you’re not already subscribing by RSS, add my RSS feed to your reader now to get your free copy first once released! You can also get my latest posts by email.
4) Planning lots of guest posts and promotional content.
5) Planning a big piece of content: a remote usability testing guide based on my experience improving the book’s site.
6) Enjoying the beautiful city and life that is Jerusalem, where I live.
7) Applying to speak at WordCamp Jerusalem.

Like I said, get my latest posts by email or rss! Or get a free chapter from my advanced SEO book and see what all the fuss is about…

Jon Villiard, one of the pre-order customers, with his copy:

Need Content Inspiration? Here’s 2M Documents To Research!

Try the Internet Archive’s 2M+ ebooks and texts.

Of course, there’s also the Gutenberg project which everyone knows, but it’s only got 36K docs, and anyways I don’t think the IA’s database is as well known.

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How To Fight Web Scrapers Outranking You With Your Content

This is a guest post from Everett Sizemore, who is an eCommerce SEO consultant operating off his 38 acre farm in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. He enjoys gardening, collecting eggs and tackling tough SEO problems.

Want to fight the scrapers outranking you with your own content post-Panda?

Google is losing the war against content scrapers and we’re the ones paying the price. It has gotten even worse since Panda, despite efforts to fix the problem. I know of several dozen websites that are being outranked by scrapers.

While Google might hope we’re going to do their job for them with tags like rel canonical, and rel author, this problem isn’g going away any time soon. You know things are bad when powerhouses like are outranked by sites like this.

Fortunately, there are many ways to keep sites from scraping your content, (more…)

Dealing With Panda? Try A Readability Tool

If you’ve read about Panda, you’ll know that the quality of your writing and editing is a key notion targeted by Google’s update. (more…)

How to Gauge Foreign Content Markets’ Sizes?

While reading this recent commentary on Google’s progressive rollouts of algorithms worldwide, I picked up on Aaron’s mention that some sites competing in languages with less content are less likely to get whacked.

“In most foreign markets Google is not likely to be as aggressive with this type of algorithm as they are in the United States (because foreign ad markets are less liquid and there is less of a critical mass of content in some foreign markets), but I would be willing to bet that Google will be pretty aggressive with it in the UK when it rolls out.” [Emphasis mine.]

How do you figure out what those languages are? (more…)

Why Is Google Promoting Scrapers Over Time Mag?

Google promoting scrapers over Time magazine

Google’s promoting scrapers over Time magazine. Seems Google’s exception list isn’t as robust as one might have thought, or perhaps it’s that the news business just ain’t what it was

Ideas why this is happening?

Update: 1 idea is that it’s tied to the latest algo change. See also Mashable’s status.

One guess I’d have is a high ratio of surrounding junk to the main body of content. That would fit under the layout/design/user experience angle targeted by the latest algo update.

If you have a legitimate need, read this review of three web screen scrapers?

SEO For Competitors’ Brands and Trademark Keywords: How To Rank?

Don’t limit yourself to bidding on competitors‘ brand / trademark keywords – rank your website for them organically, too!

This is counter-intuitive to SEO consultants – what content will you write and how will you get anchor-text rich links? That’s not a rhetorical question any more – there are a few types of content you can write to rank for competitors’ trademarks and convert the traffic!

AIDA Really Means QPBC

I have a problem with the ‘AIDA’ formula we as marketers use.

AIDA stands for ‘Attention, Interest, Desire, Action’ and is a rough summary of the buying process/marketing process. Unfortunately, it’s too vague of an instruction set for marketers, and vague instructions lead to screw-ups in carrying them out.

So I’m changing AIDA to QPBC. It’s less catchy, but a hell of a lot more practical as far as instructions go. It’s clearer.

QPBC stands for Question, Problem, Benefit, Call. (more…)

Stuff Your Face On Long Tail Keywords In 5 Easy Steps

This is a guest post by John McElborough, a [ed: awesome!] search marketer from Brighton, England who runs inbound360 and blogs at

There’s been a lot of talk in the SEO world of late about the idea of ‘content farms’-  sites which exist principally to attract mid to long tail search traffic through large scale content generation.

Several high profile SEO’s have been pretty critical of sites like ehow, mahalo and livestong who use these tactics. Personally if a sites earning that much cash through SEO I’d rather learn from it than criticise so for my first guest post here on Gab’s blog I want to take a closer look at long tail tactics and share some practical tips for how pretty much any site can cash in on their markets long tail potential.

Has My Blogging Helped You?

If so, I’d love to get a testimonial to that effect that I can use for my advanced SEO book.

Anything you can share about the following points in particular might be helpful:

  • Case study
  • Challenges finding time such as working 2 jobs etc
  • Having a negligible budget to start with
  • Before / after you started reading my blog

I’ll be happy to share the testimonial here on the blog and give you a dofollow link (with your chosen anchor text) for the time, so long as you’re being honest. Just type it into the comment box below along with your name, email and desired link/anchor text!

Thanks a bunch!


Update: Dan Hinckley of Exhibit Edge trade show exhibits is first in the comments. Thanks Dan!

Brian Patterson of, a Virginia SEO company, emailed me the following.

“As a partner at a web firm increasingly focused on SEO, The SEO ROI
blog continually helps me keep in perspective that SEO isn’t just about
links or traffic or other basic metrics, its all about delivering a
positive ROI for our clients. Gab’s creative ideas help me continually
increase ROI, and our clients are loving us for it.  Thanks!”

Christina’s added a comment below. She runs a sleep help site :).

Mac help” by Mike. (See comments.)

Guys, if you want a link – I’d really appreciate specifics – stuff you’ve done based on this site or other details.

Protected: Content Marketing: Why You Suck At It And The Final Guide To Getting It Right

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Finding [Mass] Niches With Content-Spinning

Hey there boys and girls – want to get into multiple niches really fast? Are those niches just slightly different from one another, being a “base keyword” + modifier combination? Know that if you just duplicate the copy from one “base keyword” + modifier A page to a page targeting “base keyword” + modifer B, the newer page will probably get filtered as a duplicate or low value page? (more…)

30 Second Tip For Phone Number Integrity In Local SEO Listings

Reading the curiosity-arousing article on SEL, “The Phone, Calling,” I noticed that the use and presence of call tracking numbers, toll-free numbers and other non-main-line phone numbers could cause trouble for search engines.

“First, these numbers throw a monkey wrench in business identification. Second, they could expire, inadvertently creating a dead-end for a consumer. Publishers today struggle with how to accurately identify an actual business when many phone numbers are involved.”

The easiest solution, imho, is (more…)

Where To Source Premium Content

There are a number of services of questionable ethics around, offering students to research and write full term papers for them. This is at the university level. For anyone familiar with the kind of work that goes into this, I would suggest that these sources can also be valuable sources for premium quality content. The type to linkbait professors, and (more…)

Google Is Fine With Guest Posts

I recently read Rhys Wynne’s interpretation of John Mueller’s comment that it’s better to add content on your own site than to add it elsewhere. I disagree strongly that this is the right reading of John’s comment. There are numerous other readings of it:

- A bunch of links to a thin site (e.g. without valuable content) doesn’t make that site a positive user experience. So don’t guest post at the expense/neglect of your own site. (more…)

How Facebook Built A Competitive Advantage While Blocking Google

Yesterday, I described what I saw as a trend towards content communities becoming commodified. We ended on the question – how do you build a competitive advantage in such a case? (more…)

Is The Trend Towards Content-Communities Commodifying Them?

Ads are increasingly being bought to promote content, rather than to create brand awareness or sell directly. What’s interesting to me about this is that it’s a trend growing in parallel with a trend amongst large, SEO-driven sites towards building blog-focused communities. (more…)

6 Steps To More Engaging Copy That Sells

Good copywriting does more than just explain the details of a website’s products or services. It needs to speak to a person on an emotional level, giving them hope while getting the point across fast. It also needs to compel a person to take action. (more…)

I’m Nominated For The 2010 SEMMY Awards !

2010 SEMMY Nominee

And I’m lucky to have been nominated in two categories!

1. My post, “The 4.5 Personas of My SEO Site,” is nominated in the SEO category! If I get into the Finalists round, I’d love for you to vote for me to win!

The post has also made it as a reference for Full Sail’s Internet Marketing Master’s Degree.

Full Sail IM Master's

2. My article on 101 advanced tips to buy text links also got nominated in the Link Building category.

Here’s hoping the judges will consider my writing good enough to go through and win! :D

How I Inject Humor Into My Writing, My Speaking And My Veins

Surprising people forces a reaction, and if it’s a silly surprise, that reaction is laughter. That’s why list-jokes or series-jokes are a staple of comedians everywhere.

In high school, I remember my friend Johnny Shanaan giving a speech to our English class for his public speaking assignment. He was talking about body language, and handshakes in particular. He said,

“There are different types of shakes. There’s

  • The firm shake,
  • The weak shake,
  • The clammy shake,
  • The power shake,
  • And the milkshake.”

What’s nice about series jokes like that is that the first items in the list create an expectation. And when you know what people expect, it’s easy to throw in an oddball item that surprises them.

That’s also true of humor generally. If you can set up an expectation, it’s easy to find the unexpected.

A favourite line of mine when I want to loosen people up is that I shower regularly… first of every month. (Stolen from a Get Fuzzy comic strip, to be honest.)

So the next time you want to lighten your writing, your small-talk, whatever… look for what should follow from what you said, and say the opposite. Look at what people relate to, their social reference points (like showering daily) and step outside of them.

If you liked this post, add my rss feed to your reader or check out some other content posts.

Win The Knack, A Sweeeeet Book On Entrepreneurship

The KnackReading is the best investment you can make in yourself, and it’s also incredibly enjoyable. So to share the fun and help you build your businesses, I’m giving away a copy of The Knack, a fantastic business book by Bo Burlingham and Norm Brodsky. (Here’s my review of The Knack.) (more…)

Online Shopping Through Consumers’ Eyes – Book Review

My friend Geno Prussakov wrote a fascinating book entitled, Online Shopping Through Consumers’ Eyes. This is my review of Geno’s book, for those who might like to buy it.


2 Guest Posts Up

One is at Search Engine Journal:

The other is at Blogue Marketing Interactif: (in French)

If You Listened When Google Announced Submarine Crawling…

Then you’re way ahead of the curve and understand what Matt Cutts is talking about, late in this video, on getting crawled and indexed more rapidly and deeply. If not, it’s time to understand search like Matt Cutts and read up on submarine crawling. This also goes back to what I was writing about thinking like search engineers and what Google wants. These are not merely abstract ideas, despite appearances. Grasping these notions puts you a step higher on the ladder, closer to “SEO Director” and further from “SEO data entry monkey,” because you can solve problems rather than merely execute other people’s solutions. (more…)

Why You Want Me Producing Content For You

I wrote about poor man’s retargeting tools for Search Engine Journal. Well, guess who picked up on the article and gave it top billing in their weekly roundup? Hello Media Post! I think this is where the 1337 gamer in me shouts, “W000000000t!” :D. On a related note, a previous post I did on how to be creative got picked up and linked to by Aaron Wall in a roundup post titled, “Worth Sharing.” I’m looking to expand my distribution this year and build my brand as a leading search/internet marketing expert so if you have a hot property (online or print or trade show) with wide distribution, do give me a call (438-882-3017) or write gab at the domain you’re visiting (can’t spell it out because spammers would send me even more junk then).

Gab Goldenberg in Media Post

Gab Goldenberg in Media Post

Guest Posts This Week

The Complete Newbie Guide to SEOmoz

Three Tools For Retargeting Ads, a followup to my first post on poor man’s retargeting.

Leave some comments there folks!

I’ve Been Translated Into Japanese!

I was very fortunate with my Internal Link Building plugin to have many East European folks talk about it and give me links, but this time it’s a full post I’ve got translated. Now, by the looks of it, it’s probably done by machine and spammy crap… but if it’s not this is cool. Anyone here speak Japanese?

My Year In Review, Scratchpad Style

Here’s what I’ve experienced and learned in the past year. Feel free to skim, but as with my scratchpad first discussing submarine crawling, what you read here today may be industry-changing search news in 6 months… (more…)

The Growth of the Content Middle Man

Kevin Kelly recently wrote about how you can sell something that might otherwise be obtained for free. I disagree with his premises: (more…)

Guy Kawasaki’s Reality Check Review: A Great Buy

My first impression of Guy Kawasaki was that he was a genius writing brilliant blog posts. My second impression of Guy Kawasaki was that he was arrogant and gratuitously mean. Turns out I was right on both counts, as Guy’s new book, Reality Check, proves. (more…)

What Can I Do For You, Commentators?

The video with my thoughts and questions is after the jump. Please give me some feedback on this – what can I do for you guys? (more…)

OMG More Links! – The Marios Alexandrou Edition

Since the first time he impressed me with his SEO experiments, Marios Alexandrou of All Things SEM has consistently been one of the people whose blogging I most respect for being original and intelligent. He won’t rehash old stuff everyone’s said… he’ll make a statistical analysis of what topics come up most frequently, tie it to Matt’s blog posts, and thus prove that Matt is really the center of the [SEO] universe ;D. Unfortunately I’m lazy about using my Feedreader, so I don’t get to enjoy his writing as often as I should. But I got into it today and found these little gems: (more…)

Big Fish Own Thought Currents Easily

Aaron Wall hasn’t written extensively on WP blog security in the past, to my knowledge. However, he knows it’s a topic likely to be popular with the general blogger community and not too technical to push them away, while still being meaty and fresh enough to appeal to his regular SEO audience. (more…)

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