Site Hacked? Try Vaultpress – Excellent And Affordable Security From WP’s Creators

Author: Gab Goldenberg

My site was hacked for a few months now, in what was mostly a benign, but nevertheless annoying way. The hacker injected spam pages onto about debt and financial products, which you can still see in Google’s cache. Only Vaultpress was able to remove the hack…

(To be 100% clear: there was no malware. Google detected none, McAffee detected none, CodeGuard detected none and so you weren’t at risk by visiting my site.)

The backstory…

Anyways, as I had once previously had a site hacked, I tried what worked last time – I hired someone from Odesk, for a $100 one-time fee. The person in question successfully removed the injected pages… but the hacker outsmarted him and had a script that automatically replaced the injected pages within a day or two.

I then hired another person from Odesk, explaining what happened previously, but again this contractor could only delete the pages and not permanently remove the vulnerability.

In both cases, these contractors had previous experience and positive reviews in their Odesk profiles regarding site cleanups. But this hacker outsmarted them, and as we’ll see, Google too. (Not in terms of malware detection.)

The light at the end of the tunnel:

Finally, exasperated, I turned to the guys at Vaultpress. They offer a security service for WordPress whereby they

  • Scan your site for vulnerabilities
  • Recommend action to patch the vulnerabilities
  • Remove hacks and other crap, including if it comes back
  • Backup your site in 11 different places in the cloud, so accidental deletes or screwups aren’t fatal

And they delivered. I installed their plugin, gave them FTP access, and they cleaned up my site. (Also my sister the makeup artist Maya’s site.) Not only that, but they went above and beyond, doing miscellaneous stuff that wasn’t part of the official package because I’m not tech-savvy enough to do it.

Their basic service including cleaning up your site starts at $15/month, but that doesn’t include security monitoring for the future, just a one-time cleanup. Ongoing security costs $40/month and it’s the plan I’m on because it buys me peace of mind and stability for my business.

I highly recommend Vaultpress for WP security.

Author: sroiadmin