OnSite ASAP: The Greatest Computer Security Service for Businesses Ever

I recently had a major problem with various viruses, trojans, and other malware and garbage infecting my laptop. I looked up Montreal computer security on Google and found this computer security and support company. It’s run by the very helpful and kind Adam Blechman, and he and OnSiteASAP cleaned out the filthy garbage off of my laptop in no time at all! Read on for why this matters in the world of SEO, reputation management and for the takeaway lessons.

Why am I bothering to share this testimonial publicly, when it’s a bit off-topic? Well, as I was scratching my head trying to answer this, I decided that the best tie-in is in reputation management. I think it’s a good case study of what companies should do in terms of serving their customers well, making them happy and getting the best viral marketing possible: word-of-mouth in the form of a [very] happy testimonial.

Companies always need to have an eye on protecting their brands and managing their reputations online, as more and more buyers research who they’re considering dealing with. If you do as good a job as OnSiteASAP did eliminate the trojans and malware on my computer, then you can get folks like me to provide you an additional SERP position for your brand name extolling the virtues of your company and its services, like Adam’s on-site support, software installation, etc.

So what did OnSiteASAP do to deserve all these compliments?

  • Most notably was the tried-and-true “underpromise and overdeliver” idea. I was told that I’d get the viruses and other malware removed from my computer. Not only was it all removed, but I got additional software installed including some free anti-viruses and other security material.
    • If you’re selling B2B, give your customers a free subscription to an industry publication, and if you’re in B2C see about throwing in accessories or free bonuses with orders of a certain value.
  • The speed with which it was done: I got same-day service and my computer was available for pickup today when I just dropped it off yesterday! People don’t like to wait to get the product or service they bought, and this was a perfect example of delivering quickly.
    • If you’re an e-commerce merchant, you can do a similar thing with free upgrades to express shipping, for example, when people pay for regular shipping. If you’re in the SEO business, you get those proposals out ASAP, for instance.
  • The service was courteous. I nearly got an apology for the price of the service and an explanation that it’s oriented towards businesses, hence the prices. And of course, Adam thanked me for the business and was just very helpful and nice generally. You can’t teach people to have a nice personality, but you can at least make it part of your corporate culture to treat all your clients politely and with respect.
  • At the end of the day, the service was efficient. My computer is running faster, I’m not getting constant malware popups and I can see tangible results. You can’t be a polite, quick-acting bumbler and expect people to become loyal clients or give you testimonials. People do care about results.
    • Be good at what you do and keep abreast of the latest techniques in your industry so that when you’re called on by clients, you deliver the results your site promises.

Thanks again to Adam and his great group at OnSiteASAP – Montreal’s best computer services! If you need anyone for computer security, sales, software, or other IT support, go to OnSite!

Author: sroiadmin