My Next Facebook Ad Lander, Hat Tip To Ryan Deiss

Author: Gab Goldenberg

I recently saw a video on about using a squeeze page (aka email lead generation landing page) on your Facebook fan page, which I’ll be adapting for the Advanced SEO book fan page.

In it, Ryan Deiss shares a case study on his landing page getting the name and email of 50% of the people who clicked like.

He incentivized the like with part 1 of his free report and incentivized the email opt-in by upselling folks to get part 1 AND part 2.

I’m planning to test that, as well, with the following adaptation of Ryan’s landing page: 

facebook squeeze page landing tab

Key elements in the lander and my adaptation on Ryan’s take:

– I’ve made the optin area 1.5 times as wide as the opposite area.
– Moved the word Or to the height of the end of the left-hand section’s heading.
– Widened the optin fields.
– Used my brand colours.
– Adapted the call to action to reflect a successful button I use in my standard book opt-in squeeze page.
– Ryan cleverly made the “part 1 only” section of the lander black and white only to be less enticing. That could backfire, as whitespace is known to draw the eye. For now, I’m rolling with his hypothesis.

What do you predict the results will be? Ryan told me that the case study was a bit old and the numbers aren’t what they used to be. I’m still optimistic and think this can both increase my conversion rate as well as cut my cost per click, so it should be two simultaneous wins! Plus there’s the potential to get likes, which are like their own list, and which can be used for friends-of-connection ad targeting as well as sponsored stories. I’m salivating :D.

Author: sroiadmin