I Ranked #3/#1 For SEO On Google.ca (Pics)

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Did you know I used to rank #3 for SEO on Google.ca – without being logged in or anything – behind only two Wikipedia results? So de facto, I was the #1 top ranking SEO in the country :).

I had taken screenshots at the time which I never got around to posting on the blog, and while visiting my parents (who have the computer I was using then), I found the proof pics and sent them to myself.

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Ranking #3 for SEO behind two Wikipedia rankings

Incidentally, I also once dominated all of the top 3 results for link building on Google.ca :). I couldn’t find that screenshot with me owning all top 3 spots, but here’s one of me at #1.

Ranking #1 for link building

Before somebody asks, no I didn’t edit these photos in Photoshop or the like. If I had, I wouldn’t write this post about it because some Photoshop pros could analyze things and show what a photoshop amateur (and general idiot) I am.

What do I attribute the rankings to? You mean, besides my good lucks, charm and humility?

Mostly efforts at building relationships and sharing attention with others, which they were courteous enough to reflect back on me :). My Internal Link Building plugin (currently over 25,000 downloads) was a pretty sweet piece of linkbait, too.

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Author: sroiadmin