Can You Swing To the Comment Spam Two-Step?

The following has been sitting in my comment queue:

The purpose, IMHO, is to find blogs with poor comment moderation practices. The goal of this comment spam isn’t link building directly – it’s finding linkspam victims to increase the conversion rate when the real spam gets dropped.

The concatenated spammer’s name is unique; Google’s index doesn’t have the s**b**g**** string in it anywhere. Likewise, if you try searching for any series of words left in the comments. Random sites with one or more of the words show up, but nothing with any of the phrases you might make from that, and certainly not the whole thing. And Mashable is a reputable site, which happens to employ my friend and social media expert Tamar.

So how is this useful if the spammer isn’t repeatedly using the same ‘name’ or words in the comments? They can’t search for say s**b**g**** and find the sites they spammed, right?

My guess is that it all goes into a database. The strings are then pulled from the database by a program and searched to see if the comment spam was successful. If not, that site is eliminated from the list. If so, it’s added to a queue for additional spamming.

There may also be a variable to hit better ranking sites a few times to try and get through the automated filters if any and test the human admins; this was not the sole randomized comment spam I got. Wonder what XMCPMattNickNopRogueRob, and the Dinkster might have to say about the technique?

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Author: sroiadmin