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Here’s the who, what, where, when and why of buying SEO consultations.

This consulting service is ideal for you if you don’t have the time to read and test everything that’s being written out there on SEO. Spend your time where it’s most effective – on your own expertise. Avoid wasting time learning a whole new profession.

No matter what, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back!

People in the same situation are saying they’re very happy with the service and seeing results.

We’ll solve your problem together and you’ll learn to deal with future challenges with advanced SEO.

Finally, each day you delay could be easily costing you $250 or more! Can you afford not to get started finding answers?

Who Should Buy This Service?

Generally, the people who buy this service are small-medium site owners, often in e-commerce, or sometimes AdSense and affiliate publishers. They need SEO expertise. Some people who find this valuable include those:

  • Running e-commerce sites in tough niches and need a leg up on the competition,
  • Needing link building ideas,
  • Asking technical questions such as how to treat duplicate content, flash, etc.,
  • Have seen their site’s rankings drop drastically and need a fix
  • Want to expand their site and are curious about researching opportunities,
  • Want a second [non-legal] opinion on an SEO contract,

If you have better things to do than waste time reading information that may not be up to date with today’s algorithms, this could be what you need.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

  1. First, your satisfaction with the consulting session is guaranteed, or your money back – instantly, and with no questions asked. Refunds are provided through a cash transfer on Paypal.
  2. Second, if there’s a question that you have which I can’t answer, you’ll get a free follow up email with the answer within 2 business days of your session.
    Plus, you’ll be able to book another half hour session – for free – to discuss the answer and make sure you’ve understood it!

The price is $200 [per hour], and the payment is securely handled through Paypal, the web’s largest payment processing company. All you need in order to buy is a credit card, or a Paypal account (there are over 100 million members, and it’s growing daily). I also accept some e-cheques and any other alternative form of payment that is currently supported by Paypal.

Once you’ve paid, you’ll get an email confirmation and a second email asking you when you’d like to schedule the consultation. You can schedule the session anytime, Monday – Friday between 9 am and 5 pm Eastern Time.

What Are My Credentials?

First of all, my own site ranks. I’m in the top 10 or 20 on for “SEO,” “SEO Services” and “link building” . The variance is because as my blog updates, the homepage’s content changes and maybe slightly more/less optimized for “SEO”.

My clients have been just as successful, as you can see from George’s experience (below), from some case studies (opens in a new window), or readers’ testimonials.

Second of all, I’ve spoken at various trade shows, been profiled and cited in the mainstream media and trade media, and linked to generously by my peers. You don’t need to take my word for it, because others are vouching for my reputation.

Third, big names in the business keep trying to recruit me for their agencies. I’ve had job offers from the likes of Microsoft and We Build Pages, amongst others.

I Solved George’s Lost Rankings Problem And Set Him On The Right Track

“Yes! I’d be willing to be a reference for you anytime!
You asked in the other email what I thought about your service and for me it
has been great! There were things that I didn’t think about before, things
that I have had in mind doing and you helped me to sort out things and get a
“It’s great to have someone to get some real help from and not have to sift
through tons of sites to get some ideas and help so it was well worth $200.
I’d recommend you to anyone!”


Learn Advanced Techniques Today, Save Thousands of Dollars Tomorrow – You’ll Be Able To React Quickly to Google’s Updates

By buying an hour of my time, you’ll learn more about SEO and educate yourself for the future.

I’m going to answer your questions AND teach you how to solve your own problems. Sure, you’ll learn how to tie your laces and won’t trip on them anymore. But I’ll also teach you to see that when you’re tripping, there’s something wrong around your feet and how to identify what you’re tripping over.

This will make you thousands of dollars in traffic gains and traffic losses avoided because you’ll be able to react quickly when a Google update affects your site, and minimize any negative impact.

In addition, should you need SEO services, this will help you save money and time by identifying exactly what service you need. You won’t pay the consultant to review your site, probe its recent history and do expensive, time-consuming research.

Get a consultation and make your SEO profitable!

SEO Consultation Options:


Don’t Lose Thousands of Dollars a Week in Traffic!

How much money are you losing in lost traffic, branding, attention, and sales by procrastinating?!

Google and others sell traffic in most industries for between 50 cents and $5 a click. If your site loses just 100 visitors/day, at $2.50 a visitor, you’ve lost $250 worth of visitors.

In a week, you’ll have lost over 10 times the price of this consultation!

And that’s just the most insignificant keywords that get such a low volume of searches… At 500 visitors/day lost on more competitive keywords, that’s $1000/day in money wasted procrastinating!

Conservatively, even if each visit costs just 50 cents, 100 lost visitors are $50 dollars lost each day. Five days of waiting will cost you $250 – more than the cost to you of a one-hour consultation – and that’s five days for people to switch to your competition because they can’t find you.

Click the button below and get started with your consultation before you lose any more valuable traffic.

SEO Consultation Options: