Two Conferences’ Worth Of Contacts

Author: Gab Goldenberg

In June I spoke at SMX Advanced. Earlier this week I spoke at Affiliate Summit East. Time to show some love to the folks I met! Here they are,  in no particular order:

Igal of PartyPop Wedding Planning

Jordan Glogau, 1800 Flowers

Jeremy Dearringer, Slingshot Indiana SEO

Amir Rabinowicz, Etoro Forex Affiliates

Eric Adamowsky, Armitage Marketing + Consulting

Scott Brinker, Ion Interactive Landing Paths

Rotem Amar, Eran Horowitz, Yossi Shalom of Investhead / 10PIPS Affiliates

Liat Fuchs, Affiliate Ply (Video Aff Network)

Chris Pearson, Thesis

The Bosers, 3 Dog SEO / Consulting

Jonathan Treiber, RevTrax offline affiliate marketing

Alex Schultz, Facebook

Emily Boss of CSN Stores

Michael Gross, AJ Madison

Carolyn Shelby, Chicago SEO

Negev Nosatzki – Ava Financial

Carolyn Tang, David Zelken of ShareASale Aff Network

Joe Stepnieweki, Skimlinks

Lucinda Worsfold of GlobalDirect / Unanimis affiliate + display network

Jennifer Moor and Byron Taylor and Paul (? didn’t get your card) of Linkshare

Michael Ouellete and Leigh Rogers of CJ

Susan Bridgers, Link Connector Aff Network

EJ Hilbert of Online Intelligence Affiliate Fraud Detection

Graham MacRobie, Alias Encore

David Naffziger, Brand Verity

Josh Sloan, IM Consultant

Jamie Birch, JEB Commerce

Bryan Cockerham, We-Care

Eli Toron, NogaMarketing

Chris Rossiter, Offerweb Network

Catherine Duffy, DMI Partners

Shanti Beaurline, AKMG affiliate network

Andrew Coleman, Lead Qual(ification)

Jeremy Shoemoney, Shoemoney Tools

Mike Guida, Get Ads

Betty Hakes, RevMedia Marketing

Brenda, Face Formers

Holly Elkins, Shop At Home

Kim Salvino, Buy.At

Jennifer Reppy, See Vast ads

Brett BumeterSoft Duit Media

Stuart Silverberg, Tech Trainer and Consultant

Darrin Washington, whose cards cleverly were labeled with the show he went to, to help people recall where they met him, and probably for his own direct response measurement. Smart! (But no website listed = no link :s)

Slaven MandicSlavTech Marketing

Jerry MarkIndependence Media Group

Author: sroiadmin