SMX Advanced – I Met So Many AWESOME People

Here’s just a partial rundown of the awesome folks I had the privilege of meeting and talking to at SMX Advanced! Once again, I also want to thank the wonderful people at Third Door Media for providing kosher lunches, for giving me the opportunity to speak at Search Marketing Expo and for being class acts generally. Big shout outs to Michelle Robbins and Claire Schoen especially.

Adam Riff, Director of Search Marketing for Media Whiz

Adam had an interesting question on how to attribute the source of a conversion which I think many marketers are asking themselves – does the first click or the last click get credit? I’ve got a post on the topic to answer the question coming up later this week. Update: the post is in the immediately preceding link.

Also, we chatted about non-converting leads in the dating space – how do you value those? They help bring in other leads that might convert since their profiles can rank. It was fun working out a solution and also pulling in Hamlet Batista of Ranksense into the convo since he’s an expert PPC marketer. (Adam, let me know if you’re alright with me sharing the solution to valuing those non-converting leads that we came up with.)

Jonathan Hochman of Hochman Internet Marketing Consultants was also fun chatting with at the party at the maritime museum, discussing buying sites and Wikipedia. If you aren’t already reading Jonathan’s articles on his site or at SEL, get on it!

Andrew Harris of CarFax / Car Facts was another person whom I took great pleasure speaking to and really learning from. Thanks for the chat Andrea – hope to see you

The Critchlow brothers of Distilled and Rob “evil green monkey” Kerry and Dean “London SEO” Chew of Ayima Search Marketing were a ball hanging out with too.

Duane Forrester was someone I was super flattered to get a compliment from – he’s the Senior Program Manager for SEO and SEM in Canada on MSN properties. In other words, this guy knows his stuff! See you at SEM Canada Duane?

Marty Weintraub of Aimclear Search Marketing is a buddy from Sphinn and email as well as a genius when it comes to Facebook PPC. See his SEW column and his blog.

Devin Kimura is the CEO of Art Beads and was nice enough to come say hi after my presentation. Devin, here’s the Ann Smarty post I told you about regarding nofollow and relationship building (or not).

I’m pressed for time so from here on it’s just gonna be straight uplinks, but if I met you and am linking to you here, rest assured I noted what we chatted about on the card you gave me and have a positive memory of our chat.

Kevin Eichelberger – fun stuff on e-commerce software, conversion optimization consulting and hockey.

Andrew Breen and Cameron Prockiw – e-commerce development talk with you guys and Kevin was fun :). Also, Andrew, feel free to hit me up on-site buying questions in the future or look at Site Flip for more on-site buying.

Richard Baxter of Cheap flights / SEO Gadget and Brent Payne, SEO manager/specialist were terrific folks to finally meet in the flesh.

Alison Ganz was a savvy PPC expert with Hawkeye SEM, the company she and her friend recently founded. A pleasure meeting you, and nice logo! Also congrats on being profitable by year 2 :).

Todd Friesen of and Visible Technologies and I had a very brief chat after Give It Up, so he probably won’t remember me, but I loved his presentation, and happened to run into a guy on my flight home named Steve who knows him from QL2 data mining and who’s now working on setting up enterprise hosting.

Ben Rudnick is working with my friend Tyler Shears of Gimmie The Scoop at Databanqmedia. Fun meeting a fellow Jewish SEO, and chatting about who else in the field is also Jewish. There are some big names, fyi, including Marty (above), Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz, Barry Schwartz of Rustybrick Web Development and Tamar Weinberg of Techipedia + social media fame. While we’re on the topic, I had the good fortune to hang out with all those mavens too – another great reason to attend a search conference like SMX Advanced.

Kate Morris of LongHorn SEO & SEOmoz community was fun meeting in person, and a real sweetie.

Mona Elesseily of Page Zero SEM impressed me with her knowledge on the PPC ad copy panel.

Ryan Jenkins of (online backup) was a cool dude. Likewise Dustin Woodard of Wetpaint Free Wiki Websites.

A quick chat with Ryan Rose brought up a link to Department of Search and another chap wanted to mention his presell pages.

The incredible honor of sharing a panel with Stephan Spencer of Netconcepts (SEO for eCommerce and Online Retail) was sweet, not to mention Todd Malicoat of Stuntdubl SEO Consulting, Jeremy “Shoemoney” (who was reaaally entertaining) Shoemaker and Jeremy Wright of b5media and Ensight, even though he snobbed me and wouldn’t give me a card (Pretty smooth telling me you forgot to bring cards then giving one to an attendee after our panel, Jerem :P).

Stephan and I, along with Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting also got to chat on closing leads. Hopefully, I can post some of their tips soon.

Ryan Porter of the Car Domain Network and Smartcar of America was cool chatting with after the site buying panel.

Fellow Montrealer Gabriel Montagne of Mediagrif who, while trying to hide what they do behind fancy jargon, seems to be an e-commerce software company too.

Lounging in the Marriott’s lounge listening to piano music, I met and spoke to Laura Beatty of Business Online search, usability and webdev.

I FINALLY got to meet Mike Belasco, a longtime internet acquaintance and fellow local SEO at SEOverflow.

Mike Rough is a guy who should have been on the site buying panel. Dude’s been at it since 2000! He videoblogs on paintballing etc at Bad Finch.

Other folks I met included Marc Poirier and Eric from Acquisio PPC Bid Management, Brett “Brett from Tibet” Borders of Copy Brighter, Chris Winfield from 10e20, Matt Inman (Finally!) from 0atDarren SlattenDanny Dover, Jordan Kasteler the Utah SEOAri MalekChris Cemper of Internet Marketing Fan, Adam Carson of Carson Biz Webdesign, Bobby Kircher of Papaya Internet Marketing Specialists, Allison Juretic and Rich Devine of Zaaz, Akin Arikan of Unica Corp, George Michie of RKG and the RKG blogSri NagubandiNick Garner, Marty Dugan of Door to Door StorageCatherine Gray, Ian Ward of VersataKen Mozlowski, John Ebbert of ADS DAQ and ContextWeb (an Adsense competitor), Lauren Miehe, John Tomkins and Steve Witt of Optimising.

If you want to get yourself to a Canadian search marketing conference, check out SEM Canada going on this fall! Yours truly will be speaking there, likewise Brian Chappell, Andy Beal and a whole wack of incredibly talented people, such as SEOmoz’s Jane Copland whom I also had a lotta fun talking with at the SEOmoz party after SMX.

Author: sroiadmin