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I’d like to share some quick news on the SEO ROI blog, its commenters, and other stuff. (Update: If you saw this post already and are returning here for my latest posts, you can click here to skip to them.)

On the blog

First, due to an oversight on my part, there’s no page on this site where all my posts get published automatically. I’ve been compensating by putting my new posts in the “SEO ROI Quality” category that opts them into being published on the homepage. The problem, obviously, is that not everything is front-page news. And furthermore, from an SEO perspective, it’s not as good a permalink to have as opposed to a more keyword specific URL like or

Anyways, I apologize for that and want to announce that it should be getting fixed this winter break. I’m going to get in contact with a developer friend and hopefully have them work it out so that posts go to Also, I hope to get things fixed so that new categories I add supercede the SEO ROI Quality category when WordPress selects one for the category part of a permalink.

Latest Posts and Facebook

In the meantime, I encourage you guys to check out my latest post on Facebook advertising, regarding Facebook profile page ads being sold by Weblo, and what Facebook should do about it. On a related note, I picked up Facebook Advertising .org recently :). Also, if you want to stay current with my latest posts, I suggest you subscribe to my RSS feed. You can also visit back to this post every few days, as I expect to update it with links to my latest content. Also, you should check out the Youmoz RSS feed, as I frequently write there too. Update: See the latest posts area below.

Thanking Commenters

Finally, I’d like to make a point about my commenters. I appreciate all the comments (except for the spam: FYI, you’re wasting your time and pissing me off). So, to thank you guys for stopping by for a chat, I’m going to link to the people who’ve left great comments here lately (I’ll also be installing a dofollow plugin once I choose which suits this site best).

I’d like to thank Gyutae Park, of Winning the Web, for his comments on my post regarding the death of Facebook flyers and sharing my campaign data from them (notice the stupid SEO-ROI-quality category part of that permalink?).

I have more kind words for Jordan Pearce, of Blogs That Make Money, Ann of SEO Smarty, and Zone from Zonedate, all of whom also commented on the Flyers post.

For those of you who missed it, I was also recently the host of the Carnival of the Capitalists. That got a ton of traffic, links, and comments so muchas gracias to everyone who stopped by, linked or commented. This includes, notably, Jason Peck, a sports business blogger; Shaun Connell, who writes an excellent reason and capitalism blogSurfer Sam, who contributed well to the conversation, the bright Adam Gurri of Sophist Pundit, with whom I love to disagree; high-quality trust builder Charlie Green; Mark, who also writes a Sports Biz Blog; Nikole Gipps of Small Business EssentialsNever the Same River Twice; and Maria Eugenia de Alejandro of the Business Power Blog.

Most of all, I think I should thank Susan Gunelius of Marketing Blurb, who wrote me my first comment ever (unfortunately lost due to technical difficulties that made me relaunch the site from scratch) and David Hopkins of Mutiny Web Design for writing the first comment since the relaunch this past summer.

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