Miscellaneous Hi-Quality Referrals – Tool Edition

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Bruce Clay scooped a great link building ‘CRM’ or perhaps more accurately, ‘prospect relationship manager’. Sphinn it like it’s hot!

Think Seer is KILLING IT with great posts lately. Here’s a sampler:
How Accurate is Google’s Traffic Estimator?
How to Use Google Insights to Find Atypical SEO & PPC Performance Trends

Ben McKay has got a review of a new social media monitoring tool called Radian 6. I think he should have put all the detail in the one post, but there are some interesting screenshots and he’s doing a followup soon.
Radian 6 Review – Social Media Monitoring Tool
If you were ever curious as to how NOT to get attention, Ryan Air can teach you. This is like the kid who picked his nose in grade school for attention – all attention isn’t good, so be judicious in how you aim for it.

My friendly competitors at Adviso have got some French language tips on personalized variables in Borgle Analytics.
Les variables personnalisées dans Google Analytics

Fellow fan of local SEO, Andrew Shotland has got THE guide on non-traditional ways to get indexed. I’m amazed he remembered anything he was told at the bar!
How to Get Your Site Indexed In Google & Other Search Engines, Quickly (I Hope)

He also has an amusing bit about a Yellow Pages “survey” (more like a wannabe-subtle attempt at brand marketing … perhaps they shoulda read my guide to brand building?) See more about his profile phishing story too.

Chris Silver Smith brought his A game in Local marketing on Twitter.

I recently worked with Chad of PHP Arrow. He’s got a very fast turnaround time, which is a nice refresher from slow developers. I’ve also worked with Nate, who is a bit slower, but provides great customer service. Check him out for your WordPress Themes.

Finally, and this is something I’ll be looking to develop further in a later post (“Why You Want A Colonoscopy”), Ezine Articles have created a widget that lets you repost their content on your site.

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