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Author: Gab Goldenberg

You’re likely to see some of these in future posts here and around the various lovely places that take my stories. So check out as many of them as you have time for, cuz there are some really sweet ones in here.

Diorex doesn’t blog anymore, so Smaxor republished some of his classics. As I recently wrote about measuring and tracking social media, I thought this would be of interest:

Diorex – How to Measure a Niche Post

Communities are a growing interest of mine, and if the business works out so that I can fund the project properly, I’ll be launching a forum (no, not an SEO forum) eventually. That’s a big if, and mostly in the wishful thinking stage for now, though. Doesn’t mean a guy can’t read up, though, right?

SBM Unleashed: Building a Community

How to Build Community on Your Blog

I’ve always said that building relationships are the best work you can do for link building. It’s vindicating to see that people I highly respect are saying the same thing. The popular technique at the moment seems to be linking out, as Todd Malicoat suggested in our SMX West interview.

Link Building & Development: Tune in, Turn on, Link Out

Afraid to Link Out? Think Again

The Role of Outbound Links

As usual, my friends have some great contributions to make:

7 CSS Tricks For Better SEO (SEO 2.o – Tad Chef)

The Secret SEM Sued for TM Violations and Breach of Fiduciary Duty (SEOmoz – Sarah Bird)

Google follows nofollowed links in seomoz comments (SEOmoz Jane Copland)

Let’s Talk Landing Pages (SEOmoz Rebecca Kelley feat. Closed Loop Marketing’s Sandy Niehaus and Lance Loveday)

Andrew Goodman (Page Zero) and Amy Konefal (Closed Loop Marketing) : interview on AdWords Expanded Broad Match

Slightly Shady SEO shares 7 Tips for Paranoid SEOs to Mask Their Intentions features a beautiful tip-on link buying that is, imho, even sweeter than the disguising text links ads as AdSense trick.

Shady’s my favorite blackhat SEO, and I highly recommend subscribing to his feed (that’s a nofollowed link because the link goes to Feedburner, which is a Google property. It’s not nofollowed to try and play stupid games and ‘endorse him but not endorse him’ or whatnot).

And for you great folks who’ve had the patience to make it all the way here, I’ve reserved what is perhaps one of my favorite recent links from the awesome people at 10e20: How to Get Publicity in Major Magazines and Newspapers | 10e20 Blog

John Andrews is a casual email acquaintance, but we’re on friendly terms and this features some golden nuggets, so: What Matt Cutts Said at Domain RoundTable 2008 – John Andrews – johnon.com

Some social media stories never hurt, do they? Some of this is original thought, some more for the beginners reading this. It’s labeled accordingly so no one will get confused.

What happens when you apply TV to Social Networking

16 Great Ways To Approach Social Media Marketing – A Beginner’s Guide

Prove it or lose it: how social proof can kill or fill your blog

(The above is by my buddy Jon Rognerud, yet another great SMX networking contact. Which just goes to show what I said above, about relationship building being the best form of link building. I also recommend you check out his blog and in particular, this post which dissects what percentage of your audience will typically be interested in what type of material.)

In the big thinking category, we have the following non-search items (but if you can think creatively, these definitely apply to search, too).

Just say “NO” to crap!

Playing A Round; Life Lessons in 18 Holes of Golf

My Final Post: Top 9 Lessons In Awesomeness

55 Monumental Ways To Enjoy Life’s Greatest Pleasures

When it comes to copywriting, I think I’ve found the holy grail. Sorry Brian, but I need harder drugs (I do love Magnetic Headlines though!). Drumroll, please…

Clayton Makepeace’s Copywriting/Direct Marketing site, The Total PackageSee his

Interviews with Top Copywriters

Conversation with the Legendary Copywriter Gary Bencivenga Part I

There are also some cool things I found indirectly through there, such as this copywriter’s lead gen site a la SEOmoz services marketplace. Copywriter Catalog | Find Freelance Copywriters

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