Linking Oot n Aboot: Wynn Sucks, Learn Joomla SEO, Positive Facebook Ads ROI

I’ve decided to start a semi-regular link love thing sharing items I’ve recently come across that I’d like to share with you folks as being valuable resources. This “Linking Oot N Aboot” column name comes from David, who remarked to me upon seeing a picture of me in a suit with a poppy: “You’re a canuck too?!” Yep, sure am! And though I don’t have the maritime/Atlantic Canada pronunciation that we seem to be famous for, I’ll shamelessly use my country’s national slang for the hell of it.

Anyways, here are the items and resources I’ve got to share with you folks for now:

Frank Watson had a terrible experience at the Las Vegas Wynn. Link to that post using some variety of “Wynn,” “Las Vegas,” “sucks” and other anchor text if you’d like to help him rank that item to put reputation management pressure on the Wynn and help Frank get justice. Really, the Wynn sucks.

More practically, a new acquaintance/friend of mine who runs this tax website wrote a great post on how to optimize your Joomla website. Nice work Mike! Great discussion in the comments too. Thumb his post up, you SEOmoz members!

We’ve also got some case study data on Facebook advertising showing how effective it can be: Marty’s got his case study on a Christmas Facebook campaign posted at his high-quality aimClear blog.

Here’s something cool on how to use WordPress for running a magazine site. It just shows the flexibility of the CMS, imho.

A buddy of mine whose search marketing skills I have the greatest respect for, whose online nickname some of you might recognize as Handsome Rob, posted this under-appreciated list of 11 blackhats worth paying attention to. I’ve already learned stuff from them and added feeds to my reader, so if you want to keep your skills on point, check that out.

It’s my humble opinion that link building starts and ends with building a relationship. Look at any blog and you’ll find that most of its backlinks come from other bloggers that the author of the receiving blog is friends with. Maki has a cool post on how to network within your niche. Well worth reading if you want to last in the longterm.

How would you like to get 100+ link sources? I know I bookmarked that.

Let’s move past tips for running your site and getting links to it. Here’s a gentleman with clickthrough optimization tips, to get the most visitors once you show up on the SERP! Very smart advice, and some practical takeaways you can use with the Google Webmaster data on searches you’re appearing for but not getting traffic from. Probably useful for PPC campaigns too.

As we all know, getting traffic is only half the battle. Getting it to convert is the next step, and you can’t do that without the requisite credibility. I found a little piece of academic research by leading academic BJ Fogg on web credibility. Get the PDF here. Interesting takeaway – “As seen on references” might be one of the most important things you can put on your site:

Table 5: Trustworthiness Scale (Cronbach’s alpha = 0.57)
Items in the TRUSTWORTHINESS scale | Mean

  • The site is linked to by a site you think is believable. 1.29
  • The site states its policy on content. 1.26
  • The site links to outside materials and sources. 1.25
  • The site provides links to its competitors sites. 1.11
  • The site was recommended to you by a friend. 1.07
  • The site represents a nonprofit organization. 0.93
  • The site lists well-known corporate customers. 0.62
  • The URL for the site ends with “.org” 0.58

On a similar topic, from the indefatigable marketers at Omniture comes this sweet-ass video on landing page optimization from a webinar (speaking of which, I got meatball sundae for signing up for a webinar myself) with practical advice on landing pages. There’s a great Q&A towards the end where they take audience member’s questions on their sites and provide practical advice.

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