Insightful Interview With Ex Googler + New Tool

Author: Gab Goldenberg

James Norquay did a fascinating interview with a former member of the search quality team. There’s some FUD, of course, but much more honesty than we’re accustomed to from Google.

A sweet highlight of the interview: Formerly Google-only internal data is being made available via the new NetComber tool. It combines lots of data points to try and show networks of sites – something Google obviously uses to fight Blackhats. I had a try on the tool and while some of the results are interesting, others are underwhelming and make you wonder how accurate the results are… though there’s still self-doubt if it’s not your own incredulity that’s at fault. I.e. That the tool is right and your skepticism is wrong. It should be interesting to see how it evolves and if/when SEOmoz buys it.

Author: sroiadmin