Hidden Meatball Sundae Post, Commenter Link Love

Due to this blog’s buggy technology (as in, horse and buggy), my blog is hiding a post I think many of you will enjoy. That post is Whitepapers Are So ’07: MyVenturePad Gives Away Meatball Sundaes for Linkbait. It discusses MyVenturePad, their great linkbait as well as a related book I’m reading: 10 Reasons for Businesses to Blog. Besides that, I’m taking the opportunity with this little upkeep post to share some link love with recent commenters.

Commenting on my Whitepapers and Sundaes post were Paul Dillinger of Costa Rica Web Design Solutions, and Nicolas Cossette, who keeps Montreal’s first SMO/Social Media Marketing blog. How do I know he’s the first? Well, because I keep a fairly good eye on the Montreal search marketing biz, and chances are I’d know if a competitor were doing SMO/SMM. That said, it’s a friendly competition with Nic, so no problem linking to him :).

Commenting on my Google is Broken post were a whole bunch of folks, starting with Dave, better known online as theGypsy, of Following the Flaming Horse (Huomah). Paul from said Costa Rica Group also got in on the action. Some friends from SEOmoz dropped in, including Rishi Lakhani, and Lori, the latter of whom runs everyone’s favorite Montessori supplies store. Barry Welford, a friendly ex-competitor (he’s now moved to BC) who was the first SMMer around these parts – Strategic Marketing Montreal, that is – also shared some thoughts. And most recently, a fellow SEOmozzer who is should be well known for his knowledge of search technology and the like dropped in. I’m talking of Halfdeck, from SEO 4 Fun.

Here are the comments on the Meatball Sundae post, and those on the Why Google is Broken post.

Author: sroiadmin