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Thinking and Ideas:

Jimmy Wales is a big thinker, and I give him a lot of respect. The founder of Wikipedia recently did some great interviews: – Jimmy Wales gets branding.

But perhaps the funniest thinking related to Wikipedia comes from XKCD, on Wikipedia’s neutrality requirement.

Another bright thinker I’ve recently discovered is Nicholas Carr, the author of “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” It’s an article that I think will be seminal in many books discussing the internet generation, of which I am a part.  He’s got a lot more greatness at his blog, Rough Type.

Carr on how social media has changed the profit structure of content creation:

More Carr on Google.

The next bit is a little abstract stuff that ties into keyword research. I first mentioned data mining on this blog after SMX Advanced 2008 – almost a year ago. Then again in The Trend Towards Data Commodification. Folks like Marty Weintraub of Aimclear have been running with the ball repeatedly, in his great buzz pocket mining and other keyword research posts, which I can’t get enough of :D.

Internet Marketing Lifestyle

Well, known affiliate manager Geno Prussakov is giving away copies of his latest book:

Meanwhile, affiliates can get their butts better organized like so:

Shana Albert writes with such enthusiasm that, even though this isn’t especially actionable beyond ‘Go to IMSB’, I had to link to her great writing. Enthusiasm helps build relationships and relationships to build brands…

How-To Articles & Actionable Internet Marketing Tips

From the conversion rate and PPC geniuses at Closed Loop Marketing come the following sweet, sweet articles:

On a related note, see this crook’s understanding of his target audience (aka personas).

Then we get into PPC:


Searching by color:

And training new copywriters, fast, without headaches (can also apply to other jobs, however):

Finally, some tools (copy-pasted directly from bookmarks, hence the different anchor text):

Twist – see trends in twitter

Search Chart: keywords

spy:: visualizes the conversations on Twitter, Friendfeed, Flickr, Blogs and more.

Audience Intelligence: Microsoft adCenter Labs

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