Friday Photos: Startup Camp Montreal

Author: Gab Goldenberg

Been doing some local events lately. Last night I had the pleasure of meeting…

Rebecca Xing, a Supply Chain Management and importing/exporting expert, also a graduate of John Molson. (Picture needs to be rotated and it’s not working; will post soon.)

Martin and Tom from Izzit Green? I was really impressed by their ideas and savvy, so keep an eye on them.

Martin and Tom

Karen Tucker, who’s now starting her own administrative assistant recruiting company, as well as Bernie Li, a principal of iNovia Venture Capital.

Karen Tucker and Bernie Li

Paul Dawalibi of Praized, a local services, and software platform.

Kelly Rusk, community manager for Smart Hippo mortgage ratings n stuff. No picture, unfortunately. You can also check out her own site at and find her on Twitter.

Francis Moran of inmedia, Matt (didn’t see the last name) of Backtype and John Beales of 4RoadService were other cool acquaintances, but somehow it didn’t occur to me take pictures of these folks. Go figure.

Author: sroiadmin