5 Great Reasons To Attend SMX Advanced

Author: Gab Goldenberg

You NEED to attend SMX Advanced. It’s that simple. The single best investment you can make in your search education and professional life this year will be happening in Seattle, June 2-3, 2009. Here are 5 sweet reasons to attend.

1) Marty Weintraub of Aimclear search marketing is on at least 2 panels. At SMX West, he schooled myself and the rest of the audience with such creative techniques that I couldn’t help but be entertained. I was laughing out loud and grinning like my mom does when dad makes dinner ;)!

2) The networking promises to be off the hook! There’s a reception the night before the show, parties during the show and after, the attendees feature roomfuls and roomfuls of potential leads for my fellow consultants and roomfuls of potential vendors/link sources/social media vote sources/knowledge sources for the inhouse guys. For example, last year I got a free tip about reputation management issues for a client I was handling SEO for.

Check out a sample of who went last year. 1800 Flowers, AT&T, Amazon, Godaddy, BusinessWeek, CareerBuilder, CNet, eBay, Duke University (I hear they pay their SEOs in basketball tickets ;)), eBay, Fox Interactive, GoDaddy, HP, IBM, Intuit, JP Morgan Chase, Monster.com, MTV, Nordstrom, Overstock, Progressive Insurance, Time Inc…

It’s a Who’s Who of leading online companies and online divisions of organizations. Plus it was attended by every SMB with their head screwed on right!

I also met a shitload of awesome people, including Brent PayneBrett Borders (a Denver copywriter), Tom CritchlowEric Enge, and Stephan Spencer. Eric and Stephan schooled me on closing SEO deals at SEOmoz’s party, but I, unfortunately, lost the notes/couldn’t read my handwriting when I got home…

Tom Critchlow and Gab Goldenberg in SEOmoz hoodies

Where else can you rub shoulders with geniuses like Todd Friesen, Jonah Stein, Jim Hedger, Sarah Bird, and Gillian Muessig?

3) You can crash SEOmoz’s office for a little bit, and spy on their secret sauce. Spoiler warning… It’s a barbecue. More seriously though, people at the show will share stuff like this collab Give It Up video at SEOmoz.

4) Third Door Media go out of their way to accommodate and help every last one of their attendees and speakers. They provide kosher meals. They organize networking lunches. They create a mini-network for you to contact SEMs you admire so you can make plans to meet.

At my very first show, I forgot my laptop and went off to the airport, clueless. At security, I realized what happened and my newly-minted SEOmoz friends (it was our first time meeting in person) put me in touch with people there to start the hunt. Luckily, it was found by Third Door’s folks and the incomparable Claire Schoen insisted that Third Door cover the shipping and handling to send it back across the continent to my frozen Canadian butt! Can you spell C-L-A-S-S A-C-T?

Guy Kawasaki has adopted “Be a mensch” as one of his favorite bits of business advice. Danny Sullivan, Chris Sherman, Sean Moriarty, Claire Schoen, Michelle Robbins, and gang score a 10 on the mensch-o-meter.


I’m speaking at SMX Advanced5) These lovely mensches have agreed to put me on a panel again! YAAY! I’ll be speaking on “Keyword Research Artistry,” one of the show’s first panels on day 1. I’m also hopeful that I’ll be given a spot on the Ranking Factors panel, but with leaders like Rand Fishkin and Marty Weintraub already on the bill, it’s clear competition for that panel’s speaking spots will be fierce.

If you like my regular blog content, well then rest assured that this will be more of the same. In fact, some techniques I’ve been using but haven’t yet blogged will be shared at the show – and only there. After that, I’ll be saving the content for an extended document I’m writing. Maybe a whitepaper, maybe a short book… But it will definitely only be at:

6) P.s. Their early bird special is only good until May 1st. If you delay, you’ll pay more. Get started claiming your spot at SMX Advanced now!

Author: sroiadmin