The Beginner’s Guide To Remote Usability Testing: Increase Conversion In 30 Days With No Experience

Tweet Want to learn usability testing? I promise that any complete beginner who applies the lessons in this guide thoroughly will see a higher conversion rate in 30 days, guaranteed! Q: What is usability testing? What is remote usability testing? A: Usability testing is the process of having people interact with a website and provide… Continue reading

I Ranked #3/#1 For SEO On (Pics)

Tweet Did you know I used to rank #3 for SEO on – without being logged in or anything – behind only two Wikipedia results? So de facto, I was the #1 top ranking SEO in the country :). I had taken screenshots at the time which I never got around to posting on… Continue reading

Broken Link Building – A Case Study

Tweet This guest post is by Ben Jackson, founder of SEO Discovery, an SEO blog with free tutorials, link building strategies, and more. This is a case study of my broken link building campaign. These are the steps I took, the successes I had, and the mistakes I made. What is broken link building? In… Continue reading

6 WP Plugins That Automate Your SEO

Tweet When it comes to the often-overlooked art of internal website optimization, too many people stick with the standard methods such as being mindful of keyword use within content and relevant tags. Again, there’s nothing wrong with those techniques; they certainly won’t hurt unless you overdo them. However, there are yet other ways to improve… Continue reading

How To Create Professional Video Blogs For Your Website

Tweet This guest post is by Andy Havard, a Marketing Executive at Skeleton Productions, a UK based Internet video production company that also does corporate vids. You’ve no doubt seen the slick, professional video blogs Google and its representatives have churned out lately. Videos shot with pristine white backgrounds, inviting speakers and a whole lot… Continue reading

Want To Sponsor Development Of A New WP Plugin For OutWikipediaing Wikipedia’s SEO?

Tweet I’m looking for feature sponsors to help cover the programming costs of a new WP plugin I’ve been working on. It’s not a competitor to All In One SEO Pack or Yoast’s WP SEO, but provides new functionality that so far hasn’t existed. It will be given away free to the web community once… Continue reading

Google Chairman To Congress: We’re Much Smarter Than You

Tweet Via Eric Ward’s newsletter, I found out that Google Chairman Eric Schmidt recently testified (PDF) before Congress about claims that Google is anti-competitive. Amongst his remarks are some truly amusing statements for anyone that knows Google and/or the current state of the web. Other things were less amusing and more amazing in what they… Continue reading

4 Advanced eCommerce SEO tactics

Tweet The following is a guest post from James Agate, the SEO director at Skyrocket SEO, a leader in eCommerce SEO & Conversion Optimisation for small and medium sized online retailers. eCommerce SEO is a unique beast. There are technical issues to consider, scalability challenges to think about and countless other opportunities and drawbacks that… Continue reading

Can You Retarget Offline?

Tweet Short tip for today, scratchpad style: Retargeting ads are very successful … because they target an audience that already visited your site, and because they tend to offer deals to people who almost bought, but for whatever reason left before purchasing. These deals help push people across the threshold and get them to buy…. Continue reading

How Does Google Affect Our Memory And Learning?

Tweet An infographic that provoked my curiosity, by longtime expert in the linkbait field, Muhammad Saleem: Research and Design by: Online Colleges Site While it starts off strong, personally, I would have liked the infographic to go a bit deeper into the consequences and any existing research, similar to what Nick Carr did with his… Continue reading

Homepage Design: The Tip To Top All Best Practices

Tweet Mobile websites’ homepages beat the pants off regular websites’ homepage designs at achieving a homepage’s goal: driving the visitor deeper into the site. Q: Why are the homepage designs of mobile sites so much more effective than the design of ordinary homepages? A: The reduced space on mobile screens forces choices in what to… Continue reading

Get Link Acquisition Opportunities From Eric Ward’s Newsletter

Tweet Full disclosure: I’m getting a free review copy for this review. Eric Ward, aka Link Moses, has been at link building since the bad old days when Yahoo Directory actually was a place to start your search (imagine!). More importantly, the man is great at unearthing very high quality link opportunities, often hubs, that… Continue reading

Site Hacked? Try Vaultpress – Excellent And Affordable Security From WP’s Creators

Tweet My site was hacked for a few months now, in what was mostly a benign, but nevertheless annoying way. The hacker injected spam pages onto about debt and financial products, which you can still see in Google’s cache. Only Vaultpress was able to remove the hack… (To be 100% clear: there was no… Continue reading

What’s The ROI On Social Media?

Tweet Social media generates ROI in the form of networking benefits. Social media ROI comes from the relationships you build on Twitter, Facebook etc. Listen to the name – it’s social media. The point is to network, only online. Hence the related term, social media networking. The benefits you gain from networking: You attend industry… Continue reading

Why Your WordPress Contact Plugin Sucks For Conversion

Tweet Two reasons: 1) Some of the most popular contact form plugins, including Contact Form 7, don’t provide a thankyou page. That means that you can’t easily set up a simple ab-test in Google Website Optimizer (GWO) to increase conversions, because GWO requires a thankyou page. Doh! (I realize I’m running that plugin, but I’m… Continue reading

Where Have Gab N The Blog Posts Been?

Tweet 1) I got engaged. 2) Preparing the book ordering site. I’ve done two rounds of usability tests and set up a split test on the book chapter download to see if I can increase performance there. 2.1 ) Shipping pre-orders. 3) Creating a new free WP plugin based on one of the book’s tactics…. Continue reading

How Buying Hosting Can Get You Free Code, Design, Logos etc

Tweet If you need web hosting, you can get a variety of other things, free! Hosting is a very competitive field, because companies can make $100+ / year from each user, and the reality is that most people don’t change hosts. As a result, hosting affiliate programs pay out commissions around $100 – even for… Continue reading

Tools I Want

Tweet I’ve been digging into online marketing tools and to my chagrin, most want an annual fee (or one time payment usually roughly equivalent). It’s the rise of SAAS… Email: MailerLite: Was on Discount from MightyDeals (found via Yoast) for $49/year!! Up to 10K subs… Love this pricing! Or MailChimp: Free for up to 2K… Continue reading

LiveCity’s CEO Nir Alloush

Tweet From LiveCity: “LiveCity provides a website building service, which is both easy to use by novice website builders, and robust enough to allow skilled customers to express themselves by accessing the background code. The LiveCity system was developed by us, and with more than 200,000 websites already opened with our website builder, we are… Continue reading

Need Content Inspiration? Here’s 2M Documents To Research!

Tweet Try the Internet Archive’s 2M+ ebooks and texts. Of course, there’s also the Gutenberg project which everyone knows, but it’s only got 36K docs, and anyways I don’t think the IA’s database is as well known. Liked this tip? Add my rss feed to your reader to get all my latest posts! Tweet

MJ Taylor On Community, Building A Client List And SEO

Tweet M.-J. Taylor is a moderator on V7N’s forums and has been working in SEO since 1997. She’s recently launched a SEO & social blog and offers services via her site Cyber-Key , focused on the web design and SEO in the Florida Keys. How did you get involved with V7N? I was a moderator… Continue reading

A/B Testing WP With Google Website Optimizer: The Easiest, Cheapest Method

Tweet Want to a/b test your WordPress (WP) website without the cranky, unreliable Google Website Optimizer (GWO) plugins? The problem with using Google Website Optimizer with WordPress: 1. Google Website Optimizer was designed with static html pages in mind, as opposed to pages created by a content management system like WordPress. Each post on a… Continue reading

How To Fight Web Scrapers Outranking You With Your Content

Tweet This is a guest post from Everett Sizemore, who is an eCommerce SEO consultant operating off his 38 acre farm in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. He enjoys gardening, collecting eggs and tackling tough SEO problems. Want to fight the scrapers outranking you with your own content post-Panda? Google is losing the war… Continue reading

How I’m Going To Market My Book

Tweet Here’s the gameplan to sell my advanced SEO book: 1) The main target is to get people to download a free chapter from the book. To drive traffic to that page, I’m going to focus on guest posting on SEO and search blogs, especially if they allow me to include my author bio or… Continue reading

Google Click-Through-Rate: Blended SERPs & SEO Strategy

Tweet This is a guest post by Phil Golobish, Senior SEO Consultant at Slingshot SEO. When he’s not writing posts for Gab, Phil helps Slingshot achieve digital relevance for deserving brands. You can follow Phil at @saintphilip or +Philip Golobish. In 2006, AOL accidently released a ton of Google click through rate data. Clever marketers then… Continue reading