The Biggest Broken Link Building Opportunity In A Decade

Tweet is dead. All the links going to it and its associated URLs are broken. Follow the process of broken link building and you could find yourself with some massively juicy links. Step 1: Find links to relevant pages on in your favourite link research tool. Step 2: Publish a directory page with… Continue reading

Negative SEO: How To Tear Down Competitors’ Links

Tweet Does your competitor have some sweet old links you wish they didn’t have? Well, here are two sneaky ways – one’s even sly and nasty – to get your competition’s links dropped. 1) Run their site through your favourite backlink research tools. 2) Use something like Xenu Link Sleuth or your favourite link checker… Continue reading

7 Conversion Rate Best Practices For Forms

Tweet How do you make a form convert higher? What are the universal best practices? Yesterday I spoke to a lead who told me that people visiting his site never filled out the form. On a recent project through, an agency where I work part-time, we also recently had a customer who told us… Continue reading

Brian Wallace On Redesigns And Usability

Tweet Brian Wallace runs NowSourcing, an infographics-specialist consulting shop :). They recently redesigned and Brian was kind enough to tell me why and what the process was! Q – Tell us what your goals were. BW – To create a classy custom feel to showcase our infographic design and social media services. The old site… Continue reading

Getting Married, Blogging A Bit Slow ;)

Tweet Yeah … this bachelor has his wedding scheduled on Wednesday night, so I’m not blogging this week. Tweet

How To Exclude Brand Search Terms & Keywords In Google Analytics’ Traffic Sources Reports

Tweet Recently a client came to me with a question about where to prioritize their content-writing efforts for the site redesign, and I offered her an answer based on Google Analytics’ keyword data. The problem is that if you just export your top keywords, you’re going to see brand search terms near the top. What… Continue reading

3 Must-Know Facts On Mobile Marketing In 2012

Tweet This is a guest post by Pavel Webb, the affiliate manager at TextMagic, a UK based SMS gateway that develops software which enables businesses and individuals to text from computer. By 2013, more people are expected to use a mobile device than a PC to go online.* Combine this with Google’s own internal data that mobile… Continue reading

PPC Joke: How Do You Tell A Client 80% Of Their Spend Is Wasted?

Tweet Answer: “We have a big win coming up!” hehe ;). I don’t normally do PPC but have been for my work with illuminea and a client, Traffix Systems, who came to them for web design who also was running AdWords ads… very badly. It occurred to me you could also say, “We have an… Continue reading

New, Free WordPress Plugin For Advanced SEO: Content Marketing Cannon

Tweet Content Marketing Cannon is a new WordPress plugin. It consolidates many ordinary posts on topic X into THE Authority Article on X, increasing longtail traffic possibilities, PageRank per post, and linkworthiness of your content. Other benefits include easier browsing of archives (due to less pagination), time savings, and innumerable supermodels chasing after you. To… Continue reading

Saying Thanks To Internet Marketing Ninjas & Majestic SEO

Tweet The kind folks at internet marketing company IM Ninjas (formerly We Build Pages) sent me some nice clothes including a tshirt, polo and sweater (can’t show pics since they went to my address in Canada and I’m living in Israel) and to Dixon Jones of Majestic SEO link tools and Receptional SEO for treating… Continue reading

Twit Cleaner – Really Useful Tool To Unfollow Dead, Useless, Bot Accounts

Tweet I love Twit Cleaner! Some of my work recently has involved creating a follow policy as well as helping manage a Twitter account for a software protection company called Wibu, through my job with illuminea (they’re illuminea’s client, not my own). Anyways, I was going through the people Wibu were following and realized loads… Continue reading

Achiya – SEO For A Charity For Learning-Disabled Children

Tweet Charities have a unique SEO problem: there’s not a lot of people searching to give to them, which makes keyword discovery difficult. I saw that with Mada Center, a soup kitchen in Montreal that I tried to do PPC for but we failed for lack of keywords, and recently have come across a similar… Continue reading

Free Mobile Usability Testing

Tweet UserTesting has a panel of mobile device users who have high-resolution webcams on stands. So you can watch them use their mobile device–iPhone, Android, or iPad–as they visit your mobile website or use your mobile app. The good folks at UT, amongst them Dave Garr love SEO ROI (who doesn’t? ;), and are donating… Continue reading

Keep Clients Happy and Grow Your Business by Creating Actionable SEO Reports

Tweet This guest post is written by Lior Levin, a marketing consultant for a company that provides a to do list application and, who also consults for a company that offers psd to html 5 service. Google Analytics is great at collecting lots of data for your clients, but once you create a graph or… Continue reading

Plugin Update & New Functionality for Internal Link Building – v2.1

Tweet WordPress 3.3 created a bug with my SEO plugin, Internal Link Building, such that the credits line normally found at the end of a page would appear in the middle of the post editor. Plugin developer Aaron of has coded an update that squashes the bug. The newest version is called 2.1 (I… Continue reading

34-40% Never Use Social Media – Oxford

Tweet For all the people saying that you just need the social media to be a marketing success – 4/10 people are 100% inaccessible to you. Measuring Use of Social Networking Sites. Typically, these are older people, like those who still want to print the materials on your site and ask to be mailed brochures…. Continue reading

Tricks To Personalize Link Requests: Whois + LinkedIn + Bing/Google + Company Data

Tweet Ever needed to send a link request but lacked anything better than “” as a contact address? I’ve been back to basics with a client recently, and of course this classic situation has come up. Here are a few tools/tricks I’m using to get more information to personalize the email/phone call and increase the… Continue reading

Awesome SEO, CRO and Aff Guest Posts Of 2011 – And 2012?

Tweet 2011 was a beautiful year for guest posts on SEO ROI as more and more of the web’s top SEOs shared advanced ideas and original material, right here on this blog. I don’t publish rehash, and it shows in the unique tactics, case studies and tools reviewed. If you want to guest post, read… Continue reading

Need A Free Ebook Directory? Here’s the Ebook Directory list…

Tweet Need A Free Ebook Directory? Here’s the Ebook Directory list…. Hat tip to Eric Ward for telling me about ebook publishing as a link building technique. It obviously helps more if those ebooks are free. Check out Eric’s link opportunity alert newsletter for more… Tweet

Don’t Wait Until The Redesign!

Tweet Clients or leads with bad websites often acknowledge the problem but say that they’re redesigning anyways, so why implement conversion rate optimization work now when it will only last until the redesign? If you liked this post, get my latest posts by email or by RSS. Here’s a secret. That redesign? It’s coming, sure…… Continue reading

Long Copy Vs Short Copy: How To Choose When To Use Each One!

Tweet There’s an eternal debate amongst copywriters whether long copy or short copy is better, and the truth is that there’s no absolutely correct answer – the length of your copy depends on how much persuading your prospects need. Here’s the simple guide as to what factors influence how much copy you need. If you… Continue reading

How an Affiliate Got Merchants to Promote Their Site

Tweet This is a guest post by Everett Sizemore, who blogs about e-commerce SEO on his website You can follow him on Twitter and connect on Linked-In. Today is Free Shipping Day and thousands of online stores are participating in what is going to be one of the largest online shopping holiday of the… Continue reading

Why Most Ad Agencies Can’t Be Taken Seriously

Tweet Search marketing fundamentally is a direct response mechanism, and ad agencies don’t get direct response. And that’s why books like Google’s ridonculous new-ish book about “ZMOT” – aka Zero Moment Of Truth – aka this brand new thing called… wait for it… the purchase decision – are going nowhere. The book basically aims to… Continue reading

Quick Link & Relationship Building Time Savers

Tweet It’s no secret that editorial links are typically relationship driven, but who has time to build relationships? That’s why we talk at each other in ephemeral tweets that last 140 characters … if you had that kind of lasting power in your relations with your wife, a divorce would not be long in coming!… Continue reading

How to Use ScrapeBox to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Tweet This guest post is by Andrew Breen of Outshine Online Marketing who offers SEO, PPC management, and CRO services. We met at SMX West a few years ago and he recently got back in touch to see about guest posting… I suspect this technique is how he found out about me taking guest posts… Continue reading