SEO MythBusters: There Are 2 Types Of Query Intent, Not 3

Tweet I want to put down the long-standing myth that there are three types of queries, namely navigational, informational, and commercial queries.  Anyone who’s done a class on research methods or quantitative methods knows that in drafting a multiple choice survey, the answers need to be mutually exclusive for valid data. The above three intents… Continue reading

Phillip Klien of BT Buckets & Site Apps Gives Me Segmentation & CRO Tips!

Tweet I recently had a great chat with Phillip Klien, a conversion expert using software to first segment (or “bucket”) traffic and then personalize visitors’ experience. In fact, he co-founded, a behavioral targeting (BT) tool that enables exactly this kind of personalization, and, a marketplace for related CRO and BT tools. 1) How… Continue reading

How To Chill A Client Out When Traffic Drops Over Memorial Day

Tweet I got an email today from a client freaking out because their traffic was down about 40% yesterday and Google simultaneously sent them warnings in GWt / their email. How do you chill such a client out? Fortunately, I’d seen that this client’s traffic sunk over Christmas, and that it was generally down on… Continue reading

Four New Web & Productivity Social Networks For SMBs

Tweet Here’s a look at 4 new platforms and why you should consider getting social on these networks. Triberr For companies that blog regularly, Triberr is a great solution to get quality visitors to read your blog posts. Triberr does away with the bad and retains all that is good with automation. You basically join… Continue reading

Arnie Kuenn on CRO With Video, & Conversion Conference

Tweet Arnie Kuenn is President of Vertical Measures, who offer services in link building, content creation and notably their content marketing guide. We met at Pubcon, and he’ll be speaking at Conversion Conference on video. He was kind enough to give us this sweeeeet interview :). (I previously interviewed another Conversion Con speaker, Keith Hagen… Continue reading

I Got A Fake (?) “Please Remove This Link” Email

Tweet Jon Cooper writes about an interesting negative SEO tactic: fake link removal requests. I have particular interest since I think I got one of these, recently. As I emailed Jon: “I recently got an email from someone supposedly asking for me to take down links to their company site. The weird thing is that… Continue reading

My Next Facebook Ad Lander, Hat Tip To Ryan Deiss

Tweet I recently saw a video on about using a squeeze page (aka email lead generation landing page) on your Facebook fan page, which I’ll be adapting for the Advanced SEO book fanpage. In it, Ryan Deiss shares a case study on his landing page getting the name and email of 50% of the… Continue reading

Skip Display Retargeting / Remarketing: Start With Email ReMarketing

Tweet You can segment your email list by what page(s) they visited. That means you can use your email marketing for “retargeting” aka “remarketing.” Retargeting is an increasingly popular marketing tactic that targets prospects based on their having already visited your site (or a specific page, depending what pages include your retargeting-cookie-dropping code). You know… Continue reading

Pause Low CTR Ads In AdWords Automatically With Rules / Alerts

Tweet While looking around for AdWords alerts, I discovered a very handy time-saving feature in AdWords called Rules. You can use AdWords Rules to automatically pause low-CTR ads, high-CPA keywords and likewise auto-manage other aspects of your account that don’t require human judgment. Here are some things you can do automatically with rules without having… Continue reading

Keith Hagen of ConversionIQ Previews Conversion Conference

Tweet Keith Hagen of ConversionIQ is set to speak at the next Conversion Conference in Chicago. He graciously agreed to an interview ahead of the show. 1) What’s the topic of your presentation? How did you come up with that? The topic is “Testing What Matters” and it arose from a conversion I had with… Continue reading

Sort By Impressions To Find Worst Negative Keywords, Efficiently

Tweet Here’s how to increase your adwords CTR and drop CPCs in 30 seconds, by finding more negative keywords. Sort by impressions. The reason this boosts CTR is because your CTR is determined by clicks across ALL keyword phrases people use – not just those you intended. Use negative match to block your ads from… Continue reading

Ecommerce SEO Is A NOT For Profit Activity

Tweet Google is cutting the ROI on ecommerce SEO and has been for 8+ years. If ecommerce merchants don’t understand the changes below, they’re going to lose market share to savvier competitors. Read on for what you need to do to survive and thrive. Google has reduced the traffic and ROI available to SEO-ed sites… Continue reading

Complete List Of Panda Updates

Tweet Manish Pandey, an SEO expert I’m familiar with, recently published a large article listing and describing all the phases of Google Panda. Check it out!. Tweet

What’s A Soft 404 (404-Like Content)? + How To Fix Soft 404 Errors

Tweet Steve recently got a warning from Google that a number of pages were returning soft 404s, and the next week, his traffic dropped 10%. The following week, another 30% was gone. What are these dramatically harsh “soft” 404 errors? How do you fix them? What is a soft 404? It’s when your content is… Continue reading

Why I Love The New Modified Phrase Match And Exact Match

Tweet In writing a report for an illuminea client, Traffix Diameter Systems , I wrote the following about the new Modified Phrase Match and Exact Match: “The low-volume keywords (ex.: misspellings and 4-word phrases) have been paused to allow them to be targeted by other keywords set on phrase match targeting.”* *Phrase match did not… Continue reading

Weekday vs Weekend Bidding In Google AdWords: The 30 Second Analysis

Tweet Should you focus on weekend or weekday traffic in your PPC ad campaigns? If you’re already getting organic search traffic, you have data that can answer that question in 30 seconds. Google Analytics will allow you to compare visitors to bounce rate. Here’s a pattern I noticed in a client’s account that makes it… Continue reading

Quick Tip To Reduce Email Unsubscribes In Aweber

Tweet If you’re using both an autoresponder series of emails as well as “broadcast” messages that go out with no regard to sequence, you run the risk of annoying people with too-frequent emails. For example, if you have an autoresponder series that sends emails every 3 days, then broadcast on top of that, someone could… Continue reading

How Even Established Sites Use Keyword Difficulty aka Efficiency Data

Tweet [Edit: I try to post original stuff but I realize here that I'm adapting "second page poaching." It only occurred to me after writing my post, but when you're done reading this, check out Virante's posts on second page poaching, relevant data collection and an API. ] While working on a huge site with… Continue reading

Fun Fact: Facebook Ad Review Teams Skew GA Stats & How To Fix It

Tweet I launched some Facebook ad campaigns in the past few days and saw traffic skyrocket in Google Analytics. Problem is, the traffic was garbage – not the traffic I was paying for, which converted decently. It was Facebook’s ad reviewers, tasked with checking the 1000+ ads I uploaded, visiting my site once/ad.  You’d think… Continue reading

The Infographic of Infographics

Tweet David McBee, one of the web’s savvier link builders, shared with me this parody, tongue-in-cheek infographic about infographics, via I like it :). Tweet

View Goals By UTM Campaign, Keyword, Ad Content In Google Analytics

Tweet Suppose you’re using Google’s URL building format to mass tag URLs with UTM_campaign, UTM_Keyword, UTM_content and other UTM settings – where do you see the data afterwards? Google Analytics used to provide UTM-tagged URL performance data under the Advertising tab/navigation item. Now, it’s moved. You can find the info in Traffic Sources > Sources… Continue reading

How I’m Bulk Creating 200+ Ads With High CTR In Facebook Campaigns

Tweet This is the process I’m following to create ad campaigns on Facebook promoting my advanced SEO book. If you like this, get a free chapter from my book on advanced SEO! Or get my latest posts by email or RSS! Toolset: Images – Royalty free stock ex SXC, plus my own headshots – faces… Continue reading

Advanced Segments In Google Analytics For SEO, Social & Ecommerce Analysis

Tweet Use Advanced Segments in GA to Discover SEO, Social Media and Ecommerce Insights Google Analytics (GA) is a tool that, while very useful to basic users who just want a quick look at their site’s statistics, is meant for power users that can take advantage of all of GA’s hidden features. Advanced Segments is… Continue reading

Consulting vs Building An Agency: How I Made My Choice

Tweet My friend Andrew Breem of Outshine Online Marketing asked: “As far as I can tell, you’ve built your business as a sole consultant as opposed to say building out a big team. Was this a conscious decision or did it just evolve? I’m at a cross roads now where I’m trying to decide exactly… Continue reading

How I Build A Link Request List Without Scrapers

Tweet I’ve been going back to basics and doing lots – dozens of hours worth – of manual link outreach. It ain’t pretty, but it works. Here’s how I build my link request list, without tools. (Come back next week for a tutorial on the rest of my process!) As most of you know, there… Continue reading