The Importance Of Visuals To Your SEO Strategy

Tweet The written word is crucial to SEO, that goes without saying. But it is no longer the only approach, however, and good writing should be combined with other forms of quality content for an effective digital marketing strategy. Infographics have emerged as a popular component of numerous content marketing and SEO strategies and here… Continue reading

Five Tools You Need To Rock The World Of Inbound Marketing

Tweet Inbound marketing is all the rage right now and savvy brands looking to promote their services to the public need to stay on top of the latest trends to make sure their message is being heard. If you’ve never heard of inbound marketing, then you need to make sure you do some reading up… Continue reading

Can You Still Rank On Page 1 For National Keywords?

Tweet Many website owners have seen a huge drop in website traffic for their main keywords. This was due to the Venice update back in February 2012 where Google distinguishes the users IP address on their search query and delivers results of local websites. This update has angered many website owners as they have worked… Continue reading

5 Search Marketing Events to Visit This Year

Tweet Search marketing is a key part of launching and maintaining any successful website, but it can be tough to stay on top of things in that area, no matter your niche. Constant algorithm updates and thousands of new websites coming on the scene daily are enough to keep you on your toes, and that… Continue reading

How To Benchmark Social Media Vs. SEO Success

Tweet Many search marketing industry analysts are saying that social media is quickly becoming the new SEO.  Note that we used the word ‘analysts,’ and not ‘experts.’  The reason for this is that anyone who really knows what they’re talking about when it comes to SEO understands that social media is not the new search. … Continue reading

Monitor Twitter to Get Backlinks!

Tweet I am a self-obsessed Twitter fanatic. I spend way too much of my day on there, usually at a severe cost to my productivity. Which is why when I started to get into social media marketing, I jumped in with both feet. Being on Twitter for work? I was totally in! Because I spend… Continue reading

Internet Marketing Ninjas Buys SEO ROI

Tweet Full details at the press release. I’m off to creating a better Jewish dating site :). Tweet

Negative Keywords Improve Traffic Quality – Case Study and Details

Tweet This is a guest post by Bren Hammel from Eureka SEM. Bren has over 6 years in the online marketing field from internet advertising to SEO & SEM. In PPC advertising, conducting negative keyword research and implementing the results reduces the number of unwanted visitors and improves the return on your ad spend. Here’s… Continue reading

Getting A PR5 .Edu Link With Broken Link Building

Tweet “When I first became interested in SEO a couple years back, I read every article I could on the subject. For a beginner, much of it was very confusing. It seemed like a good amount of the information was contradictory, and I had no clue which techniques would really help my websites shoot up… Continue reading

3 WordPress Themes Marketing Managers Will Love

Tweet Marketing managers looking for highly effective WordPress themes to promote their business’ website can start with the themes below 1. UDesign Theme: UDesign is among the most user-friendly templates WordPress offers. Anything can be changed and adapted in order to develop a website ideal for their tastes. There are 11 customizable widgets, home page… Continue reading

How To Win By Copycatting

Tweet It’s a well known fact that many copycats succeed online, but sometimes it’s a risky path to follow. I’d like to share an example or two with you today, and perhaps help you do a better job copy, err, I mean taking inspiration from others. If you spend any time online in the tech… Continue reading

Facebook Political Ads – Facebook’s Dumb Ad Blocking Algo

Tweet It’s election season here in Israel, and many politicians whose views I oppose are showing me Facebook ads. The ads that don’t interest me according to my politics, I close with the close button (little x in the upper right). Facebook then asks why I hid the ad, and I then check the radio… Continue reading

Wikia’s Clean Cloaking An Interesting Technology

Tweet I recently happened to go to Wikia’s page on the 100 worst songs to sing at a funeral, and came across the following cloaked screen that takes up most of the page – none of the content is visible by scrolling or looking closely (i.e. it’s not transparent). As you can imagine, the warning… Continue reading

Optin Skin Plugin Review

Tweet I just implemented Optin Skin from ViperChill to improve over my previously dismal sidebar optin form, so here’s a OptinSkin review if you’re considering getting it. What is it? Optin Skin gives you some optin form templates (aka skins) and helps you split test them. You can customize the skins with your choice of… Continue reading

Insightful Interview With Ex Googler + New Tool

Tweet James Norquay did a fascinating interview with a former member of the search quality team. There’s some FUD, of course, but much more honesty than we’re accustomed to from Google. A sweet highlight of the interview: Formerly Google-only internal data is being made available via the new NetComber tool. It combines lots of data… Continue reading

Broken Link Building Just Got Stupidly Easy

Tweet Two people whom I really admire for their abilities and expertise in SEO, Garrett French of Citation Labs and Russ Virante of Virante Inc, teamed up to produce the Broken Link Prospector. If you’re not familiar with broken link building, it’s essentially a variant on cloning (aka resurrecting) old sites from the dead, which… Continue reading

State of Search in 2012

Tweet Curious to get a summary of where we stand and what’s changed in the past year or two? Farky from Liquid Siler Marketing put together a detailed report that goes over this. Much of it you will know already, but it’s tied together in a way that you get a better holistic view of… Continue reading

Analytics Pro Tip: When These Trends Change – Check Your Analytics Tagging With A HTTP Tool

Tweet This is a guest post by Stacey Armstrong, Web Analytics consultant Stacey’s Bio: I have seven years experience as a web analytics professional, providing analytics solutions for Microsoft Office, MSN Entertainment, T-Mobile, HomeAway, and Les Schwab. My goal as a web analyst is to identify the story within the data. When I notice a… Continue reading

Ongoing Case Study: The Advanced SEO Book Put To The Test

Tweet Someone told me recently he’s skeptical about the value provided by The Advanced SEO Book. Notwithstanding the fact that it’s had great reviews and gotten me positive feedback from SEOs at serious online companies like Salesforce, I’ve decided to eat my own dog food and implement the tactics and prove their worth. At least… Continue reading

Win Prizes From SEOmoz, Conversion Conference & More – The Advanced SEO Blogging Contest

Tweet Want to win amazing prizes like a 1 Year Memberships to SEOmoz or a full Conversion Conference pass? To Win, Share The Most Creative SEO Tactic You Can Think Of! How To Enter The Contest Email with your new tactic/idea (ideally with accompanying case study). Use the subject line CONTEST ENTRY (all caps… Continue reading

Why You Need This Poker Concept To Succeed At Online Marketing: The BankRoll

Tweet In poker, your bankroll refers to how much budget you’ve allotted to play, a concept that isn’t thought of in online marketing even though it’s value to online marketers is huge. In a poker cash game (aka sit-and-play, as opposed to a tournament where everyone starts with the same amount), your budget is how… Continue reading

Announcing The Advanced SEO Contest & Its First Prize Sponsors

Tweet I’m organizing a contest for SEOs to share their most creative and powerful tactics, which I first announced to my advanced SEO newsletter / the people who get a free chapter from my book. Entrants can win a variety of prizes, discussed below, and the best entries will be included in the next edition… Continue reading

No More Clients: SEO ROI Is Going To Be The Platform For Advanced Tactics & Case Studies

Tweet I’m going to transition out of client work over the next 12 months, and am transforming SEO ROI into a platform for the most creative and clever advanced SEOs to share their new tactics & case studies, and in exchange give them (and their clients) links and leads (both free). The idea is to… Continue reading

Can You Tell Me If This Is A New Algo Loophole? Does Link Disavowal Enable Mafia-Style Link Laundering?

Tweet The new link disavowal tools seem to create a unique, certainly unintended opportunity for SEOs to get short term AND long term results via “link laundering.” This is a new algorithm loophole it seems, spam which resembles the mafia’s (and Russian and Iranian governments’) money laundering tactics. I’d love to hear your comments on… Continue reading

Explaining Metrics of Google Analytics on Steroids (GAS) by dp6 and Cardinal Path

Tweet Via, we recently installed Google Analytics on Steroids (GAS) for a client, and observed some unknown metrics. I emailed the developers at Brazil’s dp6 and they explained what was going on. For those unfamiliar with GAS, it’s got a Site App (or standalone version from Git) that enhances what your installation tracks, giving… Continue reading