The 3-Step, 2-For-1 Link Building Technique

Author: Gab Goldenberg

I’ve seen variations on this link building trick, but it’s the first time I see it producing additional links beyond the value you already have.

Version A of the 2-for-1 Link Building Technique

Step 1: Get a link, preferably from a site that can rank well for mid-tier or longtail keywords, solely based on its domain strength plus on-page optimization.

Step 2: Find a site that frames Google and figure out a specific query to just make your page and some non-competitive ones show up.

Step 3: Get said Google-search-results indexed. Recall that you don’t need a link to get indexed. See Andrew on indexing, which includes a technique I shared earlier.

The result? You get a second link, free. 2-for-1. In plain English, you increase the value of your links after getting them. Yet another reason PageRank is meaningless for link prospecting…

Version B of the 2-for-1 Link Building Technique

Step 1: Build a link on page X.

Step 2: Find a site that’ll frame anything. (Do you see where this is going? If you add my RSS feed to your reader, you’ll certainly be one of those that do in the future…) Frame page X.

Step 3: Get page X indexed. (Then have it charged for first-degree spamming! That is, any search marketing technique that doesn’t make Google money.)

The result? You build 2 links for the effort of 1.

Black_Hat.jpgAttribution License by hymedom As you can imagine, this is not Google approved. See your thought-enforcement-official before trying this at home, and see your priest afterward [for confession].

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