Best Austin SEO Companies


Complete SEO

Complete SEO has been executing successful SEO campaigns in Austin for over a decade. They’re one of the top-reviewed firms and have an extensive client list of the who’s who of Austin. Their team provides SEO services on a month-to-month basis and serves clients in local and national markets. They provide free consultations for prospective clients.

Tasty Placement

Tasty Placement has been a leading name in SEO companies for over 14 years and is showing no signs of slowing down. They are one of only five Google marketing platform partners in Texas and one of 500 worldwide. In addition to this rare achievement, Tasty Placement also gained the highest level of Adwords Certification—meaning they can get the job done quickly, returning your investment in no time. With a published book on WordPress SEO and over 710 successful SEO campaigns (many in Austin Texas), their ability to perform speaks for itself. Tasty Placement can help with web design, search placement, social media, and other important aspects of SEO for your business. Tasty Placement has worked with businesses across several different industries and local markets, including home improvement services, law, finance education, legal, and more. When it comes to successfully utilizing SEO in your digital marketing plans, Tasty Placement has you covered.

Digitech Web Design

Digitech Web Design is one of the top names in the industry of website creation and execution. With over 112 completed projects in less than 10 years, they’ve quickly gained a lot of notice from other top names in the industry. They have worked with major global brands such as Universal, Waste Management, and the American Heart Association, just to name a few. They seek success in all areas of digital marketing by cultivating the perfect website for your specific demographic, bringing your branding to the best level possible through logo design and outreach, and top-of-the-line SEO marketing techniques to ensure your business quickly reaches your intended customer base. Their exclusive SEO marketing techniques differ from any other company. While other businesses seek a mass customer base, Digitech focuses on the customer base that would be most beneficial. They have received several awards, including Best Web Design Agency in Texas through Clutch, as well as one of the Top 1% Agencies in North America for Marketing and Advertising through Upcity.

Insignia SEO

Insignia SEO is driven by the success of your business. With a “your success is our success” approach, Insignia has spent years helping improve marketing strategies for businesses across varying industries. Insignia works with you to customize a unique, tailored experience that fits your specific needs. We can take on any business of any size, regional and national alike. Insignia will drive website visits, boost your search rankings, increase your brand visibility, and improve the quality of traffic for your business site. With over 30 years of collective internet marketing experience, they understand time-tested methods of lead-generation, as well as the need for adaptability to stay ahead of the game. With Insignia SEO, you’ll be receiving premium SEO solutions to all your marketing problems. Insignia SEO understands the highly competitive digital marketplace. They will be able to take your business and push it straight to the top, improving your customer acquisition and overall success.

Geek Powered Studios

Geek Powered Studios is a top-of-the-line, fully integrated digital marketing agency. Their team of Geeks is focused on helping your business not only compete, but rise to the top in our highly competitive digital market. They offer several services, including SEO, Email campaign management, digital marketing strategy, pay-per-clicks, and social media optimization, as well as web design and development. At Geek Powered Studios, they understand that every client is unique and, thus, will always adapt your SEO plan to fit your specific needs. Their plans are tailored to a site-by-site basis. They utilize comprehensive audits, audience research, and evolving strategies to ensure max results for your website. They are heavily focused on ensuring your return on investment and offer a flexible retainer to ensure they are meeting your needs month after month. Geek Powered Studios has recently received the 2021 Best PPC Agency in Austin through Geek Powered Studios will help your business stand out from the crowd.

Search RPM

Search RPM is a leading name in SEO in the Austin, Texas area. This company focuses on three areas of success when it comes to optimizing the approachability of your site. These focus areas include Technical SEO, Page-by-Page optimization, and PR outreach. This approach ensures that your business appears as high up as possible in search engine rankings. It also ensures that, once customers reach your site, every single page will make sense, be appealing, and keep the customer engaged and interested. Their PR outreach helps to solidify the customer’s return, as well as the acquisition of others. Search RPM uses an evolved approach to online branding and marketing that other companies simply don’t have. Their focus: design, measure, and evolve. Their team of marketing experts will work with you to create the perfect site for your business, measuring the traffic, and constantly evolving your site and continuing to improve your numbers.

The Search Engine Guys

The Search Engine Guys are a team of highly experienced individuals who focus on working with law firms to ensure the success of their firm’s website. They offer an impressive showcase of attractive website options, but you can also rely on them to create a completely custom design for your business. They won the 2019 Web Awards Legal Standard of Excellence for design, content, and interactivity. Since they focus on working with law firms, The Search Engine Guys understand the unique struggle of trying to make your firm stand out amongst all the others in your industry’s search results. What’s important, however, is that they know the proper layout, keywords, and other SEO techniques to combat these difficulties and bring potential clients to your page. The Search Engine Guys believe in being a true digital marketing partner. This means that they will work for you and with you to achieve results.

Effective Spend

Effective Spend is a top name in SEO in Austin, Texas. They focus their method around delivering measurable performance for your business through integrating paid search, paid social media, display media. When channeled through their innovative SEO approach and digital PR, your business will see a high ROI. Effective Spend prides itself on its in-house approach. They don’t just work for you, they work with you to ensure success. One creative way they do this is by providing account-based profit sharing with their employees. This has helped them to retain some of the best marketers in the business who only stand to gain from contributing to your success. They offer month-to-month contracts to demonstrate their desire to help you succeed. Effective Spend received the 2021 Best Places to Work for in Austin Award through They have also been on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the Nation list for three years, rising 400 spots from their first appearance.


At Motoza, this company offers SEO without the snake oil. This means that they pride themselves on honest, collaborative, and transparent approaches for their SEO marketing techniques and business practices. Located in Austin, Texas, Motoza prides itself on the work that it has done for the community and takes pride in the location. They can provide services for both local and global companies. Their unique approach to SEO revolves around the premise that SEO is much more than page rankings. It involves customized marketing strategies and customer search intent. They believe in taking a holistic approach and can help you with several SEO needs—website development and management, pay-per-clicks, social media, search engine rankings, and more. Motoza offers a straightforward, honest approach to developing, executing, maintaining, and evolving your SEO plan to meet the current needs of the market. Motoza was awarded Best SEO Experts in Austin 2020 by They work over a multitude of industries, including e-commerce, enterprise, home services, legal, and healthcare.

Leverage Marketing

Leverage Marketing is a reliable SEO company that can truly provide anything that you need to enhance your business’s presence in the digital world. They offer completely customizable strategies to meet the needs of your specific business and industry. With decades of collective experience, Leverage Marketing can provide skilled approaches to every facet of digital marketing. This company uses the latest technology to provide cutting-edge digital marketing and revenue acquisition technologies. Leverage Marketing has also gained the prestigious status of being a Premier Google Partner. This company was built on entrepreneurial success and utilizes a unique process called the Digital Marketing Plan. They will work closely with you to determine the services you need. They are a full-service online marketing team that can help with every aspect of your digital presence. Leverage Marketing is dedicated to innovation, transparency, and long-term relationships. Their customized services and commitment ensure your business will see increased success in the highly competitive digital market.

Dash SEO

Dash SEO is an Austin-based company that focuses on SEO and Digital Marketing for a wide range of industries. Dash SEO helps your business thrive in today’s competitive digital marketplace. Their services will help you rank higher on search engine results, see an increase in website traffic, and enhance your brand awareness and online visibility. Dash SEO believes in providing quality leads and conversions to your website through successful techniques that evolve and change with the needs of the digital platforms. Dash SEO’s team might stretch across the globe, but it will feel like they are in-house once you experience their unique approach to SEO. They can easily adapt to any business model, location, or size. They offer several services, including SEO, pay-per-click, reputation marketing, social media strategies, and web design, to name a few. Dash SEO will be able to elevate your website—increasing your digital traffic and ensuring your business will see greater customer acquisition and retention.

Hang Ten SEO

Hang Ten SEO has a motto: “we live and breathe SEO.” This motto proves itself through the number of happy clients who have seen their pages rank higher and higher in search engine results. The owner, Tom Crandall, literally wrote the book on local SEO—a book available online, packed full of tips and tricks gathered over his 10 years of SEO experience. This company is dedicated to helping your company achieve better website traffic (leading to higher conversions). This is done through website design, as well as the implementation of vital SEO strategies. By providing a clear website layout and useful, relevant content, Hang Ten SEO can boost your engagement tremendously. They specialize in digital marketing consulting, on-page SEO, website development, local SEO, WordPress consulting, and  backlinking techniques. Hang Ten SEO takes pride in working with local businesses throughout the Austin, TX area to grow and better compete in their highly competitive markets.

Local Surge Media

Local Surge Media is an online SEO agency with a focus on businesses in the Austin, Texas area. The founders of this company began their SEO journey back in 1998, before the digital world exploded into how we experience it today. While their roots may be humble, this has provided ample time and experience to understand how the competitive digital marketing platform works. Local Surge Media will be able to help your business achieve greater visibility in search engine results—a must-have for any business trying to compete online. They have spent years developing website design techniques geared toward drawing in prospective leads and converting them into loyal customers. They can also work with you to improve your social media presence and email your subscribers. The techniques implemented by Local Surge Media will help you improve your conversion rates, grow your brand, and gain more profit.

Glide Design

Glide Design in Austin, Texas offers custom website design services to meet the needs of your business and boost your search engine rankings. Their business model revolves around building meaningful relationships, staying transparent with all matters and stages of your SEO plan, and investing in always seeking the “better way” of doing something. Glide Design provides quality custom web design that can enhance your user experience, as it will look great and run smoothly across all devices. Through their web development techniques, they will build a platform that is easy to update and has been tested through simulated live environments to ensure success. Your website will be measured, tested, and adapted to better your online traffic. Based on your desired approach, Glide Design can help with all aspects of digital marketing. They also work to ensure that your brand leaves a lasting impression, keeping customers coming back. Glide Design will work with you, starting with website creation and following through with maintenance, updates, and repairs.

Neon Ambition

Neon Ambition is committed to helping your business succeed by offering the ability to generate leads with its proven marketing strategies throughout several different industries. With years of combined experience, the team at Neon Ambition understands the importance of your digital presence in a highly competitive marketplace. Neon Ambition helps to increase visibility online by connecting you to the right audience. This is done through search-engine results and increased traffic. They also provide relevant content to help visitors understand why your business is unique. This, in turn, helps to boost conversion. Neon Ambition’s PPC team is one of the most experienced in the country. Neon Ambition is well-practiced at adapting to your specific needs and providing a customized approach to market strategies. They can also help with SEO, content marketing, social media presence, and website design. Neon Ambition implements and tests its approaches to ensure that your unique plan will be successful.

Social SEO

Social SEO is a leading name in digital marketing. With over 20 years of experience, Social SEO has helped numerous companies—large and small—build a digital presence that people have flocked to. They have worked with Jaguar, Land Rover, Don Julio, and Ace Hardware, just to name a few. They have built their name by focusing on the digital marketing needs of others. They offer SEO services, paid search, email marketing, social media marketing, video production, content strategy, and so much more. Social SEO helps by increasing your website visibility in search engine results. They ensure that the proper customer base is being reached and retained. They will provide monthly reports to ensure transparency and show exactly how the marketing techniques are helping. Social SEO believes in operating as a true partner. Your success is their success as well. Social SEO has received several awards, most recently having been rated #1 in Digital Marketing Firms in America.


Marion has helped numerous customers achieve better results in the online market. With agencies located in Houston and Austin, Texas, Marion has long been serving their communities to improve customer growth. Marion is a full-service marketing and design agency. They can both provide supplemental in-house marketing and serve as a fully outsourced marketing agency. Marion believes in taking a holistic approach. This is done through a mix of strategic, technical, and creative approaches, all combined to create the best content for your unique site. Marion offers services in SEO, PPC, branding, internet marketing, graphic design, print, and so much more. Marion will work with you to ensure that your SEO plan is exactly what you are looking for. They will tailor your website to boost search engine results, which in turn will bring more traffic onto your page. With great content, you’ll be able to captivate visitors and see a return on your investment quickly.

Blackhawk Digital Marketing

Blackhawk Digital Marketing proudly boasts that it is a one-stop-shop for all of your digital marketing needs. While located in Austin, Texas, this company has helped businesses all over the country increase their digital presence. Since 2016, Blackhawk Digital Marketing has strived to provide the best services to its clients. These services include branding and design, advertising campaigns, marketing technology, content development, and so much more. They have proven their success through working with clients such as Buc-ee’s, Duracell Lights, and ACL Radio, just to name a few. Regardless of the size of your business, they can help increase your digital presence by tailoring your site to meet the needs of your intended audience. They will work with you to tailor a unique strategy to meet your needs, as well as the specific needs of your industry. By trusting Blackhawk Digital Marketing, you’ll notice increased traffic to your site, an increased conversion rate, and a quick return on investment.

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