Who Are The Greediest Affiliate Networks and Who Has The Best Payouts?

Every affiliate network claims to pay its affiliates the highest rates. The truth of the matter, however, is that some have higher CPAs for the same campaigns than others do. So I’ve created a post comparing the CPAs between networks on the same offers to determine the trend and see which networks really do pay the best.

Affiliate Dating Offers

SinglesNet.com Email-only – XY7.com comes out highest, at $5.

SinglesNet.com Banner/Search/Email/Other Combo – AdValiant has banners and email for $4. Of those that include search, XY7 is tops with 3.75.
Other companies running SinglesNet’s offers include Neverblue, CX Digital, and CPA Empire. The lowest paying company is AzoogleAds, though technically my info has them listed with an NA. The other info says that “this offer is basically the same as […] but at a lower payout.”

True.com Email – Clickbooth pays the most at $7. My friend XMCP suggests you read his post about Clickbooth before joining though. The next highest is CX Digital at $6 per registration and then Aquasis’ payout is $4 per lead. Note: Millnic Media looks like it has the offer at the lowest payout of $3.00, but while I’m seeing an email creative checkbox marked, the offer’s called “web and search only.”
True.com Search/Banners etc – CX Digital has a gay singles offer at $3.25 per lead while the rest are at $3.00. It also has one at $2.60 and Aquasis has the same for $2.50.

eHarmony Web and Search (Lead gen) – NB ads and Market Leverage are leading the pack with $4.25 starting. CX Digital and Aquasis pay $4.00 while Millnic offers banners (I guess those are part of the “web” category” unless that excludes text links…?) with a payout at $3.25. Note: Aquasis also allows promotions through “email” and “other.” Epicenter has a banner offer for $3.00, though it’s unclear if it’s also for search.

Affiliate Insurance Quote Offers

Quote Wizard Car Insurance Email –  RevenueLoop leads the pack at $14 a pop, followed by NB Ads and Advaliant at $11.50, with CX Digital way behind somehow, at $3.00.

Quote Wizard Home Insurance Email – NB Ads and Advaliant tie for top of the pack around $10 and CX follows. Apparently RevenueLoop doesn’t offer home insurance leads to Quote Wizard.

Affiliate Ringtone Offers

Flycell Email and Banners (i.e. Web)- Clickbooth tops out at $15, but you’ll probably want to think twice before using Clickbooth’s affiliate network (links go to Slightly Shady SEO’s discussion of them fyi). Next up are Blue Phoenix Network at $14.50 and then Aquasis and XY7 have it for $14.00. CPAE, Elite Commission and CX round out the pack in the $13.00 – $9.00 range.

Flycell other – Aquasis leads at $14.00, and CX comes in at $12.00.

Glamtones Email and/or Web – NB ads leads email at $11, but does not offer web. CX offers $11 as well, for web. Adsventure tops em both offering $11 for both email and web, so you can just run the program through them. The catch is that they have less name recognition, so may not be as reliable/trustworthy. Aquasis pays $ 10.40. Finally, Rextopia somehow offers only $2.25.

Note: I like this offer better than many other ringtones offers, which hide the price or any mention of it in the T&Cs. This one’s landers mention the price ($9.99 to $19.99) upfront in the header graphic.

Ringaza Email and Web – CPAE offers both email and web for $10. NB Ads lets you do email for $10. Epicenter has some kind of hot babes wallpaper offer at $8.00, also from Ringaza, which CX Digital replicates at $6.25.

So this whole post took 2 – 3 hours to compile, and it would have been longer had I considered more offers and go into further depth. But: If you’re smart enough to sign up for my friend Gab Malca’s AffSpy, which he created along with other expert affiliates, then you could do all this research and more in about 10 minutes.

Sign up, for your own sake. Besides, it’s FREE. Having a programmer make you a tool like this would set you back at least a few K.

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Author: sroiadmin