Affiliate Program For The Advanced SEO Book

Want to make a $20 commission promoting the first book on advanced SEO, a book readers love?

My advanced SEO book gives you exactly that opportunity, so
join the affiliate program today! (at E-Junkie)

There are unique benefits for affiliates in the program:

  • 5.5% conversion rate. That’s over $1 earnings per click, so for 100 clicks sent, you can expect 5.5 conversions and at $20/conversion, you’re making $100 for 100 visitors sent…
  • That high commission rate is due to two rounds of usability testing on the site – so far- and more are planned)!
  • Active support for productive affiliates, including custom landing pages, banners, higher tiers and white labels (commensurate to volume)
  • Long cookie life – 6 months- ensure you get credit for the sale.!
  • Reliable third-party tracking via e-junkie
  • No leaks – only way to purchase is the site; no phone or chat purchasing options
  • A trusted brand – I’ve spoken at numerous trade shows like SMX, Affiliate Summit, Pubcon etc, been cited or written for numerous popular blogs including SEL, SEW,, and SEOmoz – plus created one of the most popular SEO plugins with 25,000+ downloads.


Commissions will NOT be paid for:

– Traffic generated via paid search for Trademark terms, including the book name, site name, domain name, author name, editor name, etc. Use your common sense.
– Traffic generated via any form of spam. Email lists that are not DOUBLE opt-in are considered spam, as are fake reviews (e.g. you haven’t read the book but are raving about it) etc. Use your common sense.
– Traffic generated wholly or in part via any illegal means, be it hacking sites, cookie stuffing, etc.
– Any other form of traffic that would be reasonably objectionable on legal or ethical grounds.

– The book price varies between $90 to $130 (I’m running pricing split tests to see which increases overall revenue most), and the commission is technically 20%. So some commissions maybe for $18… but the upside is that others are for as much as $26, so in fact, you’re even making money on my shipping costs! (That’s just the way e-Junkie run affiliate programs work – one flat rate for everything.)
– Commissions will be paid out at a minimum threshold of $50, for the first time an affiliate earns a commission. You get $20 just for joining the program, so it takes 2 commissions to get paid (one can be on your own book). The extra $20 has to be manually entered, because e-Junkie doesn’t allow it to be the default, so don’t be worried if you don’t see it immediately upon logging in.
– Payments will be made via Paypal.
– For affiliates getting their first payments, the payment will be sent 31 days after the second commission is earned. This is to guard against paying commissions on returned items.
– No payment will be made on sales that result in a refund request.

Linkspam either manual or automated will result in non-payment of commissions and expulsion from the program.

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