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To manage growth and work more efficiently, I’ve teamed up with various friends and acquaintances. Each of them is experts in their respective fields or specialties and I trust them to provide my clients with the same level of high-level work as I myself provide clients with. Here is a non-comprehensive list of them.

AnnAnn Smarty – SEO Smarty’s Consulting – Ann’s got some great experience in the celebrity field and is an excellent networker, which is a key skill in the world of marketing. What’s particularly remarkable about her, though, are her original insights on branding in search and her concepts for qualitative analytics.

Susan GunelisSusan Gunelius – Brand Curve and Marketing Blurb – Susan is the go-to woman when it comes to branding. In contrast to Ann, who is more of a search branding specialist, Susan covers a wider range of branding issues, such as differentiation, slogans, positioning, etc.

Bill Hilton – Bill Hilton’s Copywriting – A lot of people call themselves copywriters because they can write and need a job. Bill has a job and needs to write. I remember reading something in his portfolio explaining the benefits of video-game creation software. I wasn’t even in the market and I felt like buying!

Frank WatsonFrank Watson – Kangamurra Media Paid Search – Kangamurra Media Play in TrafficI got to know Frank by asking questions in the AdWords forum on Search Engine Watch. Frank is a pro at Pay-per-click (and not paper click, as someone humorously typed into an engine before visiting this site). He answered my newbie questions gracefully and shared advanced tips I would have spent a lot of time and money learning on my own.

Melanie Nathan – Melanie Nathan is an excellent link builder, who finds and provides quality links for her clients. I’ve used her services before and would happily use them again.

Christine O'KellyChristine O’Kelly – Self Made Chick SEO Copywriting – Christine wrote an inspiring post about the singular power of first-person narratives that blew me away. Since then, she’s been a frequent recommendation of mine for copywriting services, and I couldn’t be happier about making those referrals :).

Dan Illouz ethical advisorDan Illouz – Tsmicha – Dan is a long-time friend and webmaster who I go to for ethical guidance. He helps me with the tough decisions and has an easygoing manner that belies a sharp intelligence and quick wit.

Clinton LeeClinton has been investing in web properties for the better part of the last decade. His Ultimate Website Valuing Guide is the gold standard on the subject. He shares some of what he’s learned about running online businesses in articles like this.

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