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What Do You Hate About My Site? What’s Broken? What’s Ugly? What Needs Change?

I’m accumulating a list of beefs I have with the current iteration of the site and am already at over 20 grievances. I would love to hear your problems with the site. Nothing is too small or too big or too trivial or too stupid. Often the ‘stupid’ ideas are the million dollar “Why didn’t I think of that?” ideas.

Great answers get a free download of my super secret PPC plugin for managing multiple landing pages off a single wordpress minisite. Plus you can have the satisfaction of seeing your ideas implemented in the redesign :D.

Also, the title’s questions are just a starting point. Feel free to recommend plugins, highlight usability problems, suggest superior seo tactics, advocate for how I should use the header space currently taken up by varying taglines/testimonials (besides the search bar), different graphics, different conversion paths/tactics … anything!

UPDATE: In response to complaints about the font, I changed a global style in the stylesheet so the first font listed in the font family reads “Arial”. Please tell me if this is easier for you to read!

Should I Buy GenericKeyword .New Extension Domain Names?

No, you shouldn’t buy GenericKeyword.ExoticExtension domain names. The only people making money there are ICANN and the registrars responsible for those extensions. This includes extensins like .pro, .aero, .travel, .asia, .me etc. Watch my new video for more. The production quality isn’t tremendous, but I’m slowly getting the hang of this.

My Year In Review, Scratchpad Style

Here’s what I’ve experienced and learned in the past year. Feel free to skim, but as with my scratchpad first discussing submarine crawling, what you read here today may be industry-changing search news in 6 months… (more…)

How Link Buying Should Evolve In 2009

Link buying advice often sounds something like, “Get links from relevant sites and pages for the greatest boost to your rankings.” Link buying advice is often wrong.

According to everyone’s favourite content network guru, keyword selection on the content network needs to be based on demographics. That’s why I saw the following weight loss ads on a page that had nothing to do with weight loss, and nor did the site hosting the page. (more…)

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