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8 Short Steps To Forecast and Estimate SEO ROI…

… And Based On That Projected ROI, Get Management Buy-In, Set Priorities and Spend Time Wisely.


Google Foresaw Mousavi’s Win

See here for details: #Iran Election: “Mousavi likely winner” – Google Trends.

Splash Page SEO: How To Rank With The Double Homepage Technique

Does the legal team or your boss absolutely insist on having a splash page? Here’s a tip to SEO the homepage in the search engines despite the splash. It’s untested as of yet, but I feel it’s good enough to be worth a try.

Are you ready?

Inverse Document Frequency In Plain English – Dr E. Garcia

SEW Moderator OrionI recently had the opportunity to discuss some information retrieval theory with Dr Edel Garcia, who is a researcher and professor in the field, as well as a longtime SEW Forum moderator (aka Orion). He helped me understand what Inverse Document Frequency (IDF) is, and what it has been used for in the information retrieval field. Dr. Garcia generously agreed to let me publish our conversations on this blog.

(Update: Apparently Dr. Garcia is no longer active at SEW as a moderator.) (more…)

Froogle 2.0: Google Declares War On Amazon

booksAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License by One Good Bumblebee
From the Seattle Times today (read in print version) comes a story headlined: “Google Says It Will Challenge Amazon On Electronic Books.” Loyal readers of mine would have known this was coming 7 months ago. Here are a few choice excerpts from my old post: (more…)

404 FOUND Errors: What To Do When Visitors Get The Right Page

Normally, a 404 Not Found error is shown to visitors when they try to visit a non-existent page. But what about when there is a page there, only it doesn’t have what they want – what do you do then? One solution is to offer them a link to the right page, duh! Sounds simple, but it can actually be a bit tricky. Another is to update the page and answer people’s question. (more…)

Use Human Resources To Measure Social Media Marketing

Aha! I finally realized why measuring relationships is the best way to measure social media results! Two words: Opportunity Cost. (more…)

Brand Building Online – A How-To Guide For Internet Marketers

For all you internet marketing pros out there, here’s the only brand building guide you’ll ever need. I’ll begin with some brief introductory notes, then get into meaty examples you can sink your teeth into. (more…)

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