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5 Sure Fire Ways To Win Your SEO Clients’ Hearts

This is a guest post by Arnold Zafra for, a hosting company offering shared web hosting plans as well as dedicated servers. The English is a little awkward at points, but Arnold still shares some valuable tips.

So, you just snagged a deal with a client. Everything seems to flow smoothly and according to plan. You’re able to deliver the goods, but somewhere along the way, you client become restless and starts playing hardball.

And you wonder what could you be possibly doing wrong? Why is the deal running not so smoothly, where in fact you’re doing everything that you promised to do. How can you re-establish rapport with your client especially when your SEO deal is still ongoing? (more…)

If I Could Go Back In Time, I’d Kill Date Based Navigation

Time and date based navigation offer terrible usability and even worse SEO. Have you ever heard of mystery meat navigation? Maybe not, but you’ve probably seen archive navigation that meets the following description: (more…)

Text Link Buying Services

To visitors coming via my 101 Advanced Text Link Buying Tips article on Search Engine Journal, welcome. Here’s an overview of my link buying services. (To my regular readers, check out the article and link to it or link here if you like it :). )

The main benefits of using my text link buying services are that I

  • Reduce your risk,
  • Get you the most value for money, and
  • Maximize your ROI.

To buy text links effectively, I follow a few principles:

- Minimize risk by making paid links indistinguishable from unpaid links. This also maximizes effectiveness.
- Purchase links for rankings, but also for branding and community building. Brands and communities are valuable assets that drive traffic and revenue.
- If it can send traffic that converts, the link is worth buying. This is why demographic targeting is a valid approach to buying links.

My rates start at $1000 for every $1000 in paid link spend, which is based on the average amount of time involved in managing such a budget. For link purchases beyond $8,000/month, we can negotiate better rates. The rates are also negotiable for long-term commitments of 9 months+.

If you’d like discrete text link buying services, contact me.

How To Use Virtual Assistants To Eliminate SEO Chores

It may not be possible to automate all of SEO (or other business processes) with software, but that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid the chores in SEO. If you can document the processes, you can delegate them to virtual assistants (VA). (more…)

Preview of My Big Link Purchasing Feature for SEJ

I’m working on an absolutely massive text link buying piece for SEJ. To keep your appetites whetted, here’s a little sneak preview. (more…)

Link Buying Pros and Cons – SEO FAQ

Contextual Text Link Ads representation by

What are the pros and cons of buying links? What risks and rewards should I consider in a cost-benefit analysis of a strategy of paying for backlinks?


What Mrs. Yona Sussnovitch, 85, Taught Me About Hacked Websites

…Hacked websites are really no big deal. Sit back, kick your feet up on the desk, grab your coffee and let me tell you a story about Mrs. Yona Sussnovitch and I. (more…)

Card Sorting For SEO

Card sorting is a technique from usability, whereby usability pros ask others to arrange a set of cards in the most coherent groups possible. Usability experts use card sorting to organize the information architecture of a website, but it’s also valuable for SEO.

Today I had two consultations over the phone that dealt with the navigation of a website, so I thought I’d touch on how you can use card sorting for SEO. I’m currently writing what I hope will be a small book on advanced SEO, and one of my themes is that SEO and usability fit closely together – improving one often improves the other. This is one of those cases. (more…)

Is PPC Necessary? Why? If So, When Do I Need To Do PPC?

Is PPC necessary? Why is PPC necessary or not? If so, when do I need to do it?

These are questions I recently got in fielding a proposal for search marketing services. For others who might have the same question, here’s the answer, and an explanation. (more…)

Is FutureNow Losing 5% of Its Conversions to Javascript Tabs?

Problem: FutureNow requires Javascript to see the content in the some of its tabs (see “How it Works” and “Details” in the image below), which hides this content from 5% of its visitors. According to studies, (more…)

Going to Affiliate Summit East 2009? I Plan To :).

I'm speaking at Affiliate Summit East 2009 Shawn Collins and Missy Ward have been nice to enough to give me a speaking spot doing an “Advanced Search Marketing (more…)

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